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EA Sports 'UFC 2' Sequel PS4 Xbox One Release Date, Gameplay & Roster: Top 5 Changes to Expect

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The "UFC" video game sequel by EA Games is expected to be released soon, and fans of the game are expecting some changes in the game that will make it different than the prior installment.

It was noted by a Sporting News report that "EA Sports UFC" was released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 last June 2014 and that its sequel is expected to be out in 2016. MMA Junkie added that the game was the first UFC game done in partnership with EA Sports after it worked with THQ, which has now sold the license to Electronic Arts.

The much-awaited release is expecting to bring additional players to the roster, including Texas Ranger Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali, JStationX said in a report.

Aside from the roster changes and updates, what can gamers expect from the said sequel? Here are some top expected developments for the game:

* Career Mode Diversity

WhatCulture said that the game needs some additional behind-the scenes selecltion, out-of-ring features, random scripted events, and management-related decisions which can change the player's career. It also suggested that the developer could add "some level of control over training" to make it optional especially for starters.

* Controls

A similar Video Gamer report noted that this scheme should "be completely reworked" noting that te controls are now overly comlplicated which requires a lot more effort for those extravagant moves.

"EA MMA's scheme was far better - the simplicity of control meant I never had to think about what I was doing, which meant I never hesitated and therefore was never frustrated. Revisiting this old layout would be a huge benefit to UFC," added Brett Phipps in his Video Gamer article.

* Custom full names for career fighters

This aspect, according to WhatCulture, should also be addressed in the next installment especially since games are being developed using high-class technology. The report said that it would be clever for the developers to allow in-game voices to "read" the names fed on the game.

* Instant replays

WhatCulture added that a replay is needed to highlight the "stunningly authentic" UFC character models which EA Sports earlier introduced.

"Even today they stand out for their lifelike skin textures and muscle structure. They're beautiful to look at, so you have to wonder why the developers didn't include a proper instant replay feature so that we can examine these beasts in glorious slow motion," the same report added.

* Choice of music

The MMA Corner said that the songs in the game especially the entrance music are "pretty lame" making it hard for the players to get excited to continue competing in the game. The report hoped that the sequel will give players the ability to import their own music into the game.

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