Updated 07:53 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

Real Madrid Forward Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez Advised to 'Show Who He Is’

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For him to be able to play a bigger role in La Liga's to club, Real Madrid star Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez should put some effort in showing his character.

This was the advice given by Mexican football icon Hugo Sanchez to the 26-year-old forward of Real Madrid and the Mexican national football team.

"Javier needs to pound his fists on the table, strengthen his character and show who he is. He is playing on the best team of all time, which is Real Madrid, and they have great players, but he shouldn't shrink, because if he doesn't rise to that level, he will achieve nothing," Sanchez told ESPN.

Sanchez's statement was reportedly in response to Hernandez's claims that he was struggling to be "a first-team regular on his season-long loan from Manchester United."

In an interview with Fox Sports, Hernandez admitted that he is frustrated with his situation and status with the team since he made only13 appearances in La Liga for this term.

"My situation is frustrating. I participate, give my all in training but, as far as for playing in matches, the opportunities are minimal. I belong to a team, but am not part of the important bit, the actual games. Sometimes my confidence is right down on the ground, even though I am trying for it to be up there, with the help of the people who are always at my side and who support me," he said.

He added that people should believe in him so that he can prove himself to them.

To this, Sanchez said he also experienced the same struggle when he was still at Bernabeu, noting that opportunities were "scarce." Bu the experience taught him to have a stronger character which made him face various realities in his life.

"I even fought with various teammates at training and I think Javier is just a bit too nice to have success in a team as competitive as Real Madrid. If you can't slam your fist and raise your voice in the Spanish league, if you don't show yourself to be the strongest, you'll get nowhere," he explained to ESPN.

Sanchez also shared that he cried and suffered during that time but he chose to "put up with it."

"I would lock myself in the bathroom and cry because, since I was new, the coach didn't let me play so that it would strengthen my character. When they told me they wanted football players and not mariachis, that helped strengthen my character," the Mexican football icon shared.

He also expressed surprise upon knowing that it took Hernandez two years in Europe to vent out his frustration, which Sanchez claimed is already "typical" of Mexican players overseas.

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