Updated 09:39 AM EST, Tue, Nov 24, 2020

'The Blacklist' Season 1 Episode 10 Spoilers: Who Betrayed Red?

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“The Blacklist” has proven itself as the hottest new series this fall. When a most wanted fugitive suddenly becomes the FBI’s most valuable aid, what’s not to love? Fans can’t get enough, but unfortunately the first half of its freshman season is coming to a close. However, not all is lost. This week will host one last thrilling episode before it’s time to say goodbye.

There are still a handful of looming questions that have yet to be answered, but the most pressing remains Red’s betrayal. Who turned their back on the FBI informant? The answer may not become clear anytime soon, leaving Red with no one he can trust.

"Who can [Red] rely on besides Elizabeth Keen?" executive producer John Eisendrath told TV Guide. "He'll have to work out whether or not he can come to trust anyone again because he suspects that someone within the FBI or government turned against him to give Anslo Garrick information to find him in the black site."

While Red’s betrayal remains a hot topic, fans are also curious about Tom’s true motives.

"A lot of the back half of the season will be about answering questions about Tom," Eisendrath said. "Who is he? Ultimately, helping to answer the question: Is he good or is he bad? Always giving the audience concrete answers, but hopefully opening up other ones.

"Also, the back half of the season will be a lot about Tom and Liz,” he added. “And then also the question about whether or not Red is Liz's father is one that we will be giving concrete answers to even as we may leave the ultimate answer for later."

This Monday will bring a thrilling close to the first half of “The Blacklist” Season 1, and from what Eisendrath hints, it’s going to be an even better second half.

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