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'Clash of Clans' News Update: 3 Reasons Why Game Clicks

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"Clash of Clans" was introduced to the public in 2012 and in about three years, it has already garnered mainstream players. Here are the top three reason why this game is addictive.

The online game has already collected millions of players worldwide with about millions of dollars and millions of YouTube videos posted about it, according to GamenGuide. Supercell, the game creator, is reported to take on an average of $5 million per day. The game is free for download but it has special features that can be bought by the players as upgrades.

The site pointed out that the site works because of its free to play option, strategy creation and In App Purchases (IAP).

1. Free to Play. This game is about creating your "own digital fortress, attacking enemies, mining and researching upgrades and strategies," GamenGuide described. This is basically economics in a cartoon-themed game. What makes it even more exciting is it offers other options such as hints, replays, YouTube guides and cracks. With all of these information, the users are more enticed to try out suggested plays, especially in the international online community of the game.

In an exclusive with Galadon, a YouTuber who created "Clash of Clans Attacks" channel on YouTube, he revealed how he got hooked to the game. He said: "I could still remember the first day when I downloaded Clash of Clans. I was at the car wash. And it was the perfect blend of a mobile game that I could play on the run, but it had some of the elements of multiplayer on-line role playing game and that was what got me addicted."

2. Strategy Creation. Despite the seemingly goofy characters of the game, it is still complex when it comes to strategies.

"I wanted to learn more about some of the mechanics and the more advanced strategies and so naturally, I went to YouTube like a lot of other people do and I looked up high level champion (the tiered ranking system)," Galadon said, "and I saw some great mid-level game play from guys like Chief Pat and from other guys who were really entertaining, but I didn't see exactly what I wanted and so I figured what the heck, why don't I put my own out?"

3. In App Purchases. Then, lastly, the reason why it is getting addictive is because of its In App Purchases. After all the tower-building and protective repercussions, users can still up their game by buying exclusive items. This has also become a bragging platform between clans.

This year, "Clash of Clans" went big after it features "Taken" star Liam Neeson in its advertisement, according to Gospel Herald. This video has been voted the best video by YouTube users. Venture Beat reported that it has ranked top two amongst the best Super Bowl ads for 2015.

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