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'Fifty Shades Darker' Movie News & Rumors: Sequel Film's Script by E.L. James?

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"Fifty Shades of Grey" was a box office success, but for the author whose works the film was based upon, it means more power, as Variety reports that E.L. James wanted more creative control over the sequel by writing the script herself.

Universal Studios is not too keen on the idea, considering the team behind the film's success would be a big factor in greenlighting the sequel, and it seems that Universal executives and the author of the erotic trilogy are still arguing over the details.

According to the magazine, director Sam Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel are not expected to return for the next film, however, the official word is that decisions are yet to be made. A spokesperson for Universal said, "The studio had always intended to sit down with the author after the film opened and discuss next steps, and that has not yet happened."

There are reports that Taylor-Johnson is quitting due to her toxic relationship with James, as neither of them kept their creative differences a secret. However, Metro UK noted that a source said, "Sam won't be back for the Fifty Shades sequels. She wants out and Universal knows that's the right decision."

They were also known to keep arguing over the entire process, mostly due to the fact that James thought the director is not staying faithful to the book. The source shared, "Directors usually have the ultimate control over what goes on in a movie, but in this case Erica [E.L. James] was questioning literally the most minor things.She was able to have the final say over the cast, the costumes and, crucially, the script."

Giving James more control for the film may not be a good move for Universal. As Forbes noted, she already had an unusual control over the production of her novel - control that not even established writers like Stephen King and JK Rowling did not have. Forbes noted that the screenwriters for "50 Shades of Grey" were accomplished writers (Kelly Marcel for "Saving Mr Banks" and Patrick Marber for "Closer") who both knew that writing a screenplay is vastly different from a novel.

However, that does not stop James from wanting to take control. A source for the Daily Mail claimed that the writer threatened to urge fans to boycott the film in cinemas if things will not go her way.

What do you think about EL James's grip over the film adaptations, should she be given more control, or should she learn from the many other authors who decided that screenwriting and directing should be left to established professionals?

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