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'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Release, Trailer & Spoilers: George R.R. Martin Says It's Bloody Chapter

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George R. R. Martin, author of "Game of Thrones" novel, asked fans to prepare for a bloody chapter in the TV series.

According to Coming Soon, during the Writer's Guild West Awards, Martin said the upcoming episodes in the HBO series would be thrilling and interesting at the same time because "people are going to die who don't die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy."

"So everybody be on their toes. David and D.B. are even bloodier than I am," added Martin referring to show's creators.

Previously, Martin spoke with Showbiz411 regarding his views on how long the show will run.

"This is the fifth season, the sixth season HBO picked up last year. We will have a 7th, 8th or 9th, no one knows. They only renew one or two seasons at a time. After we do season 6, maybe we'll get a renewal for 7th or 8th," said Martin.

He added that this will still depend since TV is "a very changeable medium." With two more books up in his sleeve, "The Winds of Winter" and "The Dream of Spring," there are about 3000 pages of material that HBO can spin into the series.

Meanwhile, he said that the decision would also depend on D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

"I can give them broad strokes of what I intend to write, but the details aren't there yet. I'm hopeful that I cannot let them catch up with me," Martin told Vanity Fair.

Co-creators Benioff and Weiss said they will likely wrap up during the 7th or 8th season.

"It doesn't just keep on going because it can. I think the desire to mile more out of it is what would eventually kill it, if we gave in to that," said Benioff, as quoted by Vanity Fair.

Meanwhile, the casts are preparing for the fifth season as well. Sophie Turner revealed that this new season is going to be "more shocking" than "The Red Wedding," according to Huffington Post.

"There's some massive moments, perhaps even more shocking than the Red Wedding type of thing. There's like a lot going on this season," said Turner who plays Sansa Stark in the show.

"There's also, you know, a lot of blood, a lot of death. And a lot of people kind of come far. And there are a few familiar faces around as well," she added.

"Game of Thrones" Season 5 will premiere on April 12.

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