Updated 02:47 AM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

‘No Man’s Sky’ PS4 PC Release Date, Gameplay & Updates: Out Before E3 2015?

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"No Man's Sky", a sci-fi adventure title developed by Hello Games, is set to arrive sometime this year. Its release date has not been confirmed, but speculations are already pointing to a launch just before E3.

The news sprung from a recent tweet cited by Design & Trend. As it turns out, a company spokesperson revealed that Sean Murray will no longer be appearing at upcoming game events.

The tweet said, "Sean won't be appearing at any public events from here on... We're really sorry for anyone expecting him at GDC [Game Developers Conference], SWSX [South By Southwest] or DICE."

For those who may not know, Murray is Hello Games' managing director, pretty much considered to be the man behind "No Man's Sky."

As told by Design & Trend, some Reddit users suggested that the tweet has something to do with the upcoming game -- in particular, to a retail release just before E3 2015. Despite specifying the events out of Murray's list, the tweet didn't mention about E3, and that could be suspicious to some.

Prying heads would turn their eyes at the trade show, as it is the same event where "No Man's Sky" made quite an impression last year.

The game centers on the player's ability to explore and survive in a "procedurally generated galaxy." That said, prospects are promised a truly open universe, where desired places are all within one's reach.

At the first sight of its trailer, you may not be surprised to realize that science is in the heart of the game. Players are bound to explore solar systems beyond our own, meet new forms of life, find ancient artifacts, discover secrets of the universe and outlast challenges barring one's path to survival.

While the "No Man's Sky" universe feels like every explorer's utopia, caution is encouraged in all encounters. Apparently, players will meet foes every step of the way. Danger is virtually everywhere. Worse, one's ship and suit are considered fragile -- exciting, isn't it?

The game's official site even warned, "And one mistake could see you lose everything. In 'No Man's Sky,' every victory and every defeat has lasting consequences."

"No Man's Sky" is expected to launch for the PS4 and PC, GameSpot noted. A release window of Q3 2015 has been indicated by the outlet.

E3 2015 happens on June 16 - 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more information about the event, head over here.

Are you excited about Hello Games' upcoming title? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Check out the trailer and gameplay teaser below.

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