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iPad Mini 4 Release Date: Top Specs & Features [Rumors]

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There is limited information and no official release date in sight for the iPad Mini 4, but reports claimed that despite the secrecy, Apple may be getting ready to unveil the tablet soon, PC Advisor reported.

Apple has been keeping mum on the rumored iPad Mini 4, a strategy perhaps, as anticipation is high for the tablet, especially after the iPad Mini 3 came out with Touch ID sensor, a gold option but with less than stellar improvements. All consumers want to know now is how Apple plans to top the somewhat lackluster predecessor.

If reports are right, consumers will find out sooner rather than later as the iPad Mini 4 is rumored to be coming out sometime in June or July, possibly alongside the rumored iPad Plus or iPad Pro, PC Advisor predicted.

It's different from Apple's usual late October or early November release, but that's because Apple is now pushing for a "proper" and major release, the report added.

There are even rumors that because of this, some of the previous iPad Mini models will be taken completely off the shelves, particularly the original iPad Mini and the iPad Mini 3, according to Mac World.

This will leave only the iPad Mini 2 available for purchase, alongside the upcoming iPad Mini 4.

This may also mean that pricing-wise, the iPad 4 might go for a lower price, especially given the fact that tablet sales are dropping. They would also probably ensure that with fewer choices of tablets, consumers will be able to afford either the Mini 2 or the new Mini 4, according to PCAdvisor.

As for the specs and features of the phone, a lot of the reports swirling around are still based on rumors, speculations or supposed leaks.

One such rumor claims that the iPad Mini 4 is sporting innards and features similar to the iPad Air 2, particularly a thinner, slimmer look and a similar A8X processor. It's also said to come out with a stylus, to make it easier to use for digital artists and designers, according to Christian Today.

Other rumors are pointing to a possible 12.2 inch display, which is again similar to the iPad Air 2, an Adrena 420 chipset with a 2GB RAM and a choice between internal storage variants of 16GB, 64Gb or 128GB.

It has a 1.2MP front camera with a matching an 8MP rear camera, and similar to the iPad Mini 3 will come with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. There are also speakers at the top and bottom of the tablet and will operate with either an iOS 8 or 9.

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