Updated 06:32 AM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

MMA Fighter Anderson Silva Tests Positive For Steroids

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Anderson Silva has tested positive for steroid use.

According to a report from Fox News Latino, the former UFC middleweight champion tested positive for using the performance-enhancing drug Drostanolone metabolites and another steroid in an out-of-competition test held on January 9.

UFC stated that they are doing more tests for confirmation. The shocking announcement, however, will have a negative impact on Silva's "impressive comeback from a badly broken leg last Saturday for a unanimous-decision victory over [Nick] Diaz" in the UFC 183, the news outlet reported.

The commission also stated its disappointment over the news. According to UFC's statement quoted by Fox News Latino, "Anderson Silva has been an amazing champion and a true ambassador of the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC, in Brazil as well as around the world."

They added, "The UFC has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents by its athletes."

Diaz also tested positive for "elevated levels of marijuana metabolites," according to the results released on Tuesday night by the Nevada Athletic Commission or NAC, Fox News Latino noted. Silva beat Diaz 34-6 by a unanimous decision, and it was momentous win for the mixed martial artist fighter, who left 13 months ago due to a broken leg.

Silva also broke his silence about the failed drug test. In an official statement provided by Ed Soares, the 39-year-old's manager, Silva denied using performance-enhancing drugs.

"I've been competing in this sport for a very long time. This is my nineteenth fight in the UFC. I have been thoroughly tested many times and have never had a positive drug test," the statement reads, as quoted by MMA Fighting. "I have not taken any performance-enhancing drugs. My stance on drugs is, and will always be, the same. I'm an advocate for a clean sport."

The statement continued: "I'm consulting with my advisors right now to explore all of my options and intend to fight this allegation and clear my name. I will not make any further comments until my team advises me to do so."

Drostanolone is a common form of anabolic steroid, while Androstane is an endogenous steroid hormone, MMA Fighting explained. Both substances are banned in accordance to the World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA's code. MMA Fighting added that Silva could get a temporary suspension at the hearing scheduled on February 17, with a disciplinary hearing as a follow-up in March or April.

The NAC could also overturn Silva and Diaz's match results at the disciplinary hearing, the news outlet noted.

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