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'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer Revealed; New Sanctuary Found for Survivors?

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AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead" ended on a depressing note during its midseason finale and while things do not seem to be looking good for the survivors, a new sanctuary may just be what they need so they can rest and mourn their fallen friends, International Business Times reported.

Spoilers for the upcoming midseason return teased that things are going to get dark for the gang, especially after Beth's death in the midseason finale. Now they are moving on, looking for new a place or a sanctuary to stay.

AMC released the synopsis of the upcoming ninth episode, titled "What Happened And What's Going On," saying: "After facing all of the recent trials, a slight detour may offer the solution that the group is seeking."

Not only that, but according to an interview by Entertainment Weekly, the group will be encountering some "familiar faces," who will hopefully lift their spirits.

No doubt it could be none other than Morgan, who became a good friend to Rick since the start of the series. He wasn't in good shape after losing his son Duane, but it seemed he's moved on and has been following them throughout season five. There's a possible chance that he and Rick will be reunited, according to Unreality TV.

Along with the synopsis, AMC also released a new promo video for the said episode, giving fans a glimpse of the other characters and just what that detour was going to be, according to Wet Paint.

The new promo for episode nine was released by AMC prior to the Zombie Bowl Marathon that occurred on Sunday. It's somewhat similar to the previously released "Another Day" video, but with a few new clips.

In the promo, Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Carol and the others can be seen on the road facing off against the walkers, and at one point standing in front of a giant gate. The gang was also spotted stuck in a barn at night, investigating their surroundings and looking for a place to say, encountering more zombies and forced to kill as try ran for their lives.

Fans will probably be able to pinpoint some new faces popping up in the trailer, who may be bringing the group into the gated, presumably safe, community shown in the teaser. Comic book readers in particular may probably be more aware of the Wiltshire Estates storyline and the Alexandria Safe Zone storyline, but it's unknown exactly which arc and where the new episodes will focus on, since AMC is keeping mum on the details.

Hopefully, the survivors will have time to rest and heal. They're pretty banged up and beaten down, and they certainly need a place to rest their weary bones.

"The Walking Dead" returns with episode nine on Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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