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Android M 6.0 Release Date: 5 Greatest Features to Expect

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Even before Lollipop (aka Android L) has rolled out among select devices, industry speculations aimed at the Android M have already surfaced.

Developers have been talking about the Android M since September 2014, Phone Arena reported. Considering the time line between KitKat and the then-unannounced Android L, the outlet believed that the end of 2015 or early 2016 could bring the newest OS.

As the calendar hit 2015, more Android M information continued popping, building a hype that may not be clearly understood -- since Lollipop is still on its way to scheduled devices. So before January closes, we've curated five of the loudest Android M rumors.

1. Sweeter than any other

While no official word has come from Android or Google, every other surfacing information may best be taken with a pinch of salt. This includes the possibility of the new OS sticking to a simple "Android M" moniker, or adopting conventional dessert names.

Although not essentially a feature, the sweet titles of Android's operating systems have always been subjected to speculations. In particular, the PC Advisor said most have referred to Android M as "Android Milkshake" or "Android Marshmallow." Other possible names listed by the outlet include "Mars," "Milky Way," "Malteser," "Macaroon," "Meringue Pie," "Moon Pie," "Mint" and "Milk Dud."

The list goes on, so we'd like to hear your thoughts! Share your idea/s in the comments section later.

2. The future of home and fashion

Android Pit is convinced that by the moment Android M arrives, 64-bit architecture will be a thing of the past. The source mentioned that Smart Homes will be an "increasingly important" Android feature. The rise of wearables was also cited.

The outlet went further to bring the idea of AI robots as Android M's possible demo bodies. But, who knows?

3. A special treatment

In late 2014, Reuters cited sources, which claimed that Google has been setting the foundations of an Android version, expected to work on automobiles. Reportedly, this version of the operating system will be built directly into cars, eliminating the need for accessory devices.

This alleged operating system is the Android M, which at the time of reporting, has not been labeled any other moniker.

4. Flick of a finger

Smarter gestures are part of Testroid's wishlist. The outlet asserted that touchscreen is one of the biggest differentiators of smartphones. According to the report, some manufacturers have proven that the feature brings more than what its name says. Most certainly, we don't just "touch" screens to execute functions nowadays.

5. A slew of improvements

TechRadar has listed several desirable features to pack for the Android M, such as ultra power-saving mode, improved Google Wallet, integrated Google Health and Google Now and synced notifications. The current Android 5.0 Lollipop will keep improving from this time, so we'll be on the lookout as to how the next operating system will make a difference.

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