Updated 11:16 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

Cleveland Browns: Johnny 'Football' Manziel 100% Joke?

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When they quip that you are a joke, maybe your team has turned on you.

That is an indication that Johnny Manziel -- a former Heisman Trophy winner -- has to deal with, especially since one player, appearing to have told ESPN Go that his 2014 season was a "100 percent joke," was just the peak of the iceberg.

The former star player's addition to the Cleveland Browns lineup was met with much fanfare. However, it did not take long before the quarterback's popularity died down.

"By season's end, cheering had turned to frustration and anger as Manziel struggled mightily in almost six quarters as a starter, then was fined for being AWOL the final Saturday of the season," reported ESPN Go, saying that he effected a negative chain reaction in the Browns -- offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan resigned and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains was fired, for starters.

"Johnny Football? More like Johnny Headache," said the New York Daily News. ESPN Go painted an ugly picture, noted Cleveland.com.

Some 20 Browns sources said that Manziel has dented the Browns' team mechanics, claiming that he lacked commitment and preparation, among others, said ESPN Go. He was reportedly more committed to his nightlife, they added.

The report cites a Dec. 28 game against the Baltimore Ravens as an example, saying that Manziel did not show up on time and the team security, when he drove to his home, found him obviously with a hangover -- "drunk off his a--," per an unnamed source.

According to the report, being late was a habit for Manziel that the team -- which imposes fines of $250 for first offense, $500 for second, and so on, all going to charity -- was not surprised and would not even hold him accountable on some occasions.

He had a misguided self-concept, ESPN Go cited one anonymous source, an NFC scout concentrating on the Southeastern Conference, as saying.

"His thing would be he's going to show up on Saturdays, 'I'm a gamer.' He'd show up for practices and games but that's about it. Johnny thought he was an NFL superstar before he came [into the league]," he told the report.

That off-court problem resulted in not-so-good numbers on court, the report said. According to the New York Daily News, Manziel completed just 18 of 35 passes for 175 yards and two interceptions in two games started -- and if he duplicates that in his next season, "he's not going to be famous anymore."

For the Bleacher Report, whether or not Manziel would succeed in the NFL hung on whether he would mature as a person. It concluded, "It certainly didn't happen as a rookie."

It's a good thing the team is giving him that second chance, noted CBS Sports.

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