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Nintendo 'Mario Kart 9' Wii U Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: 5 Greatest Features on Wishlist [Rumors]

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In May 2014, Polygon took note of Nintendo's financial report, wherein "Mario Kart 8" and "Super Smash Bros." were listed as the Wii U's "two main drivers" until Mar. 31, 2015 (end of the fiscal year).

At that time of reporting, the outlet was convinced that "Mario Kart 8" could be the second-worst selling game in franchise history, considering the presence of only 6.17 million Wii U consoles in the hands of gamers.

But Nintendo might have laughed its way along late 2014, when sales of "Mario Kart 8" skyrocketed without anticipation. As told by Time, the Japanese gaming giant was able to make about $132 million, all during a six-month fiscal period which ended in September.

Interestingly, the source indicated that 7.29 million Wii U consoles had already been shipped worldwide, putting the platform above Microsoft's 5 million Xbox Ones (April 2014) and just below Sony's 10 million PS4s (August 2014).

Even better, the Wii U recently recorded its best sales week ever, GameSpot reported.

With "Mario Kart 8" contributing to the Wii U's success, Nintendo might savor the spotlight even further. However, fans are already talking about "Mario Kart 9," and expectations appear to be just as great.

Below are five of the fans' wishes so far:

1. New Opening Sequence

The "Mario Kart" franchise has always been known for its playful visuals. In this IGN thread, one user shared the idea of starting the game with a cut scene that basically warms the racing up -- a simple plot line, so to speak.

The user cited a new villain as an example, someone who tries to take over the world. This will be followed by a selection of the player's favorite character and kart parts.

2. Retro Tracks Arrangement

Players have suggested tons of retro track ideas online. One of gamers who did so is a user from this GameFAQS thread, who wished for five tracks in every cup (Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightning).

Another user from this mariokartwii.com forum listed his thoughts:

Shell Cup

[Wii U] Toad Harbor

[3DS] Toad Circuit

[DS] Shroom Ridge

[Wii] Wario's Gold Mine

Banana Cup

[Wii] Toad's Factory

[DS] Mario Circuit

[SNES] Donut Plains 2

[Wii U] Electrodrome

Leaf Cup

[GCN] Mushroom City

[3DS] Maka Wuhu

[Wii U] Shy Guy Falls

[N64] Wario Stadium

Lightning Cup

[Wii] Dry Dry Ruins

[3DS] Wario Shipyard

[SNES] Vanilla Lake 1

[GBA] Rainbow Road

3. Characters to Love (and Hate)

Mario's world is populated by a slew of iconic characters, and one user from the GameFAQs thread loved Baby Wario, Metal Gold Wario, Baby Waluigi and Metal Silver Waluigi.

On the other hand, the user thought of Captain Syrup and Birdo as characters who are "not worth development time." Do you agree?

4. More Unique Items

Another GameFAQS forum user wanted to see more unique items that can provide new types of utilities. Citing the Super Horn, Hammer and a Chuckster Pianta item, the user explored possibilities of improving their functions within the game.

Sure enough, "Mario Kart 9" won't complete without the tactics you need to get ahead!

5. "Friend Park"

The same user from the IGN forum also wanted to see a "Friend Park," much like a social hub where friends can interact as they play. The feature was described, "You can live chat, message, invite, challenge, exchange custom tracks, or race on them after, exchange events/challenge matches, or just hang out!"

The wishlist goes on and on, but it's clear at this point that players want to see changes and upgrades in gameplay. Since Nintendo hasn't released an official release date, we'll be on the lookout.

What would you like to see in "Mario Kart 9?" We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

Check out Nathaniel Bandy's predictions below.

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