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UFC 183 Extended Preview Video in HD: Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz? Who Will Win? [Poll]

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Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz share their back stories before they face each other at the end of the month for UFC 183 in an extended preview that's sure to excite the fan in you.

Silva, after a long sabbatical due to his freak accident in 2013, sounds like he's psyched for the faceoff, as if to send the message that he's back in shape.

"I can't believe he did this," is among the comments he encounters after piling up knockouts and submissions, he explained in the video.

He also went poetic in some of his statements — "You can make your achievement eternal," the Brazilian, regarded as among the best fighters in the UFC, said in Portuguese in the preview. "...[B]ut you'll never be eternal."

"People thought that I was invincible. No one is invincible," he said, alluding to his twin losses to Chris Weidman, one of which caused a horrific fracture that almost ended his career.

Meanwhile, Diaz said: "They know who's gonna bring the action to the table."

He also claimed that he was in the best shape to test and conquer the legend.

"Considered to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, Silva earned multiple records during his nearly seven-year reign atop the 185-pound weight class. He expects a triumphant return against Diaz, one of the UFC's most polarizing figures," noted MMA Weekly of the preview.

Watch it below:

Doesn't it stoke you about the match at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas? Especially with a renewed Silva, why not?

"Anderson Silva isn't here to talk about the past," a Sherdog.com report began, explaining that he wants to replace that image of his leg shattering at a rematch with Weidman at UFC 168 with an image of success. He was starting over gain, it said.

"This is [the] part of my life when I [don't] talk [anymore] because my leg's good now. I train hard now... Everything is new. I don't talk [anymore about] this, because this is the past," Silva was quoted as saying at a conference call recently.

Joe Rogan, a UFC commentator, said in the preview that Silva lost to Weidman largely because he underestimated his opponent.

"My focus now is the fight with Nick... When I finish the fight with Nick [and] I win, I [will prepare] for the next level. But now I'm starting my career in the UFC. This is my first fight in the UFC in my mind," he said, per Sherdog.com

The report noted that Silva, who debuted in 2006, was not looking to re-enter just to land a second rematch with Weidman. That would be a bummer, because fans — and even UFC president Dana White -— want to see that.

The question now is whether Silva's strong strikes or Diaz's trashtalking and strong stamina will prevail.

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