Updated 11:59 AM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Elders Play 'GTA 5' Better? Old People Follow Traffic Rules But Kill People Anyway

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Some gamers probably think that the elderly crowd doesn't understand video games nor could they play the games well, but some are proving them wrong in a game of "Grand Theft Auto V", VG 247 reported.

REACT channel on YouTube posted a video titled "Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V" on Wednesday to show just how the senior crowd took to the streets of Rockstar Games' "GTA V."

In the opening scene, the intro appeared: "We had senior citizens play for 30 minutes inside the open world of Grand Theft Auto V with no information other than basic controls. This was the result."

Eight elders were invited to play the game and some of them even said they've heard of it before, though their initial reactions about the game were somewhat negative. "The goal of the game is to be a successful criminal," one said, while another asked, "Why would you want to teach the kids how to steal a car?"

Once they all got started playing the game though, their reactions changed and some may find it hilarious to see how they progressed from initial dislike to actually finding enjoyment in the game, according to MTV.

At first, some of them even stopped to follow the traffic lights, waiting for the lights to change and even being mindful of the pedestrian lanes. After getting used to it, they started stealing cars, among other crimes.

"You can do whatever you want in this game!" one of them exclaimed.

Then the killing started, and they all started looking for some unfortunate and unsuspecting pixelated citizens, aiming poorly but managing to get their targets.

"Here comes the guy. Kill the guy," one of the Elder gamers said. "Shoot him again if he's not dead yet!"

They also started running from the police, though they all ended up getting busted.

Still, it was interesting to see the Elders enjoy themselves and as none of them were gamers, the learning curve here is interesting to see, according to Yahoo.

While they seemed confused at the start, viewers can see and hear them learning how to control their characters around San Andreas. The Elders were also impressed over the graphics and features of the game, its likeness to California, the vibrating controllers and more.

In the end though, their opinions changed about the game, but while they admitted to enjoying it, many of them pointed out that it's just a game and was probably a good way to unwind or relax.

Viewers can check out the video to watch the Elders in action and they may also be interested to look back on a similar video when the REACT team showed the Elders the trailer for the game. It's interesting to see how their initial reactions changed from seeing the trailer to being able to get their hands on the game.

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