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PS5 vs Xbox Two: 5 Greatest Expected Features

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Before the arrival of current-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One, the time spent in waiting might have been immeasurable -- at least for the impatient ones. Rumors aside, it's safe to say that another set of years could pass before we get our hands on the PS5 and Xbox Two, if they ever see the light of day.

Fortunately, the wait we'll have to endure may be shorter, according to EA Studios EVP Patrick Soderlund. As told by Trusted Reviews, the rep suggested a five- to six-year gap between the current-gen consoles and their successors. This is way shorter than the seven- and eight-year distance between the PS3 - PS4 and Xbox 360 - Xbox One, respectively.

According to the Inquisitr, the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles are reportedly arriving in 2020. The outlet took note of Devinder Kumar's statement, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Office of AMD, "The life cycle of the products are probably going to be shorter. Our customers are already thinking about what comes next."

"These are long life cycle products and as you know in the semi-custom space, you start with - three years before you introduce a product, a decision is made to use a particular company," Kumar added.

While the consoles' release dates remain to be uncertain, speculations surrounding their features have generously appeared. Check out five of them below.

1. Virtual Reality Accompaniment

Let's face it: VR devices would be lovely, specially when they're light, compact and user-friendly. What Culture predicted that the PS5 and Xbox Two could be packaged with VR headsets.

It's also interesting to recall that aside from the Oculus Rift, Sony, which owns PlayStation, has its own VR device by the name of Project Morpheus. On the other hand, we have previously reported that Microsoft, which owns Xbox, was tipped to unveil its own VR headset at E3 2015.

2. Games: For Download Only

Another change listed by What Culture is the elimination of the titles' physical copies. This means players should be able to purchase games in the comforts of their home, fast and easy.

3. 4K Gaming Becomes the Norm

A question was raised in a Neogaf thread, "Will 4K gaming be a thing in the PS5 / Xbox Two generation?"

At the time of writing, the author expressed that OLED and 4K technologies were toughing it out to become the next standard. Data from ABI Research was cited (via WebProNews), "It will take until the year 2017 for just 5% of North American households to adopt 4K technology. After that, though, 4K is expected to take off with the firm estimating that 10% of North American households will have a 4K TV in 2018."

What do you think?

4. The Cheapest Console Ever

Last month, TechRadar reported that the PS5 could be the cheapest console ever, considering the evolution of its predecessors. As the outlet put it, the upcoming console will "look less like the future and more like what we already know."

Expectedly, the PS5 might benefit from the features of PlayStation Now, which essentially allows online streaming of game services. As for the Xbox Two, we know that there's the Xbox Live, unless the course of the winds change.

5. Radical Redesigning?

What Culture laid out an idea of a device that may be worn -- much like wearable controllers, but even more. The outlet conceptualized the idea of a Google Glass-like accessory that may be manipulated with eye movements, as well as a controller operated by thoughts alone. May the future of gaming bring these things.

What changes would you like to see in the PS5 and Xbox Two? Share your wishes in the comments section.

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