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WWE Star Rosa Mendes Talks 'Wrestlemania 31,' 'Total Divas' Season 3

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Rosa Mendes is steadily making a name for herself in the television world. The Czech-Latina star can be seen on "WWE" and on its companion reality series "Total Divas," which features the lives of professional female wrestlers. Just recently, Mendes sat down in an interview with Latin Times to discuss how her TV appearances helped her know herself more.

According to the TV star, she first started her professional career as a model until she grew bored of it and started wrestling as "a whole new adventure."

"When I first began wrestling, I thought I would pick it up quickly, what I didn't realize was that wrestling is really hard to learn, you never have the same match, and you are never in front of the same crowd, meaning that it's always different. I have been wrestling for 9 years now and it's never boring, it's always surprising so I have definitely found my calling at the WWE," Mendes said, as quoted by Latin Times.

When asked about what she can spill about the upcoming "WrestleMania 31," the 35-year-old "WWE" diva revealed that fans should expect a match featuring her and Fandango.

"I am looking forward to 'WrestleMania 31' with Fandango; I am hoping that I will have a mixed tag match with him," Mendes told Latin Times. "I love working with him, he has totally different wrestling skills, and he has been wrestling for 15 years so I learn a lot by being his valet. He is incredibly athletic in the ring, and I look forward to working with him at 'WrestleMania 31' in March."

As for "Total Divas," Mendes said she's still nervous about her role, but that came to an end when her two best friends, Paige and Fox, were added to the cast. This made "WWE" fans see a completely different side of the wrestler.

"I sometimes forget that the camera is there, and I relax and obviously I am just being myself but then when I watch it back on E! I end up learning a lot about myself. I learned how to NOT act on dates, I never realized how I sounded, and I thought 'Wow! Maybe I shouldn't have said all that, maybe I should have been a touch more mysterious.' So overall I learned a lot from watching myself during the third season," Mendes told Latin Times.

She's also thankful for the support of her fans, which, as the TV star said, are compassionate and understanding. According to Mendes, her fans get that she is a human being just like everyone else and that because of them, she is more relaxed whenever the show airs, the news outlet noted.

"Total Divas" airs every Sundays at 9/8c on E!

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