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‘Transformers 5' Release Date, Cast & Plot: Film to Fail? 3 Possible Reasons Why

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"Transformers 5" is said to be going ahead with its development, but news is still limited and rumors remain rampant. Some are hopeful that the movie will be a success when it comes out on June 24, 2016, Master Herald reported.

Looking back on the history of the "Transformers" franchise, there is a cause for concern for the franchise's future, and many are wondering if the sequel is going to succeed or end up crashing and burning.

The constant cast changes that have been plaguing the franchise are alarming. Changes can be good, but too much could spell trouble when moviegoers find themselves having to adapt to new additions all over again.

But a familiar face is coming back as Mark Wahlberg has confirmed his return to the film, according to MTV. However, it is unknown who else is coming back to join him. If rumors are to be believed, franchise alum Megan Fox might be joining the cast.

It has also been confirmed that director Michael Bay has already decided to exit the franchise, with rumors popping up that he will be replaced by "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" director Jonathan Liebesman. One can only wonder how the style will change, and fans can only hope that the new direction will be a good one.

Overall, one can only speculate about the inner workings of a film, as well as the decisions of the actors and the companies. The fact that the franchise has undergone so many changes may be a clue of how things will fare in the long run.

Another thing to note is the plot, because fans can only take so much robots smashing and crashing, especially if it happened five straight movies in a row. The darker tone, dying hero trend and confusing plot that have recently taken over the latest films are also something of a concern. According to Movie Pilot, the fifth movie might be attempting to go back to its lighter and funnier tone.

The news supposedly came from Peter Cullen himself, known as the voice of Optimus Prime, who hinted during the SacAnime 2015 panel that the movies, possibly the fifth and sixth installment, are "going back to the bread and butter." Other than that, there really isn't much news on how the film's plot will unravel.

Finally, one shouldn't really have to look farther than the reception of its predecessor to know that people are growing increasingly torn about the franchise, and it spells trouble for a franchise if people are moving on.

When it came to the box office, "Transformers: Age of Extinction" did earn millions, despite a debut of $8.7 million which is the lowest debut of the franchise. However, what some would note was that the reviews have been nothing short of loathsome from the critics and a mix of hot and cold from fans, according to Movie Web.

Rotten Tomatoes currently scored the film a rating of 18 percent, but the comments are definitely not a pretty sight with some calling it incoherent, impossible to take seriously, mindless, boring, the worst of the franchise and a whole lot more unflattering adjectives.

The film was also nominated as the Worst Film at Razzie Awards, along with six other nominations, according to TIME, and that doesn't really bode well for any franchise.

Then again, "Transformers 5" may beat the odds and still come out strong. The movie can still count on its loyal fans after all, and the right pick of actors and a good story can make all the difference.

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