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LG G Flex 2 Release Date, Specs & Features: Price Cheaper? Smartphone Now Available for Pre-Order

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LG has launched their flagship smartphone during the CES 2015 -- the new LG G Flex 2, Phone Arena reported.

The second edition is somehow similar to its predecessor, the LG G Flex, but the improvements are evident. The curve feature is still there but is smaller with 5.5-inch P-OLED screen display.

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with Octa-Core 64-bit CPU. The rear camera is 13 MP paired with a 2.1 MP front cam, which is already considered competitive in the industry. It is also running the updated Android 5.0 Lollipop.

It also has added features like the Gesture Shot, the Gesture View, Glance View and Fast Charge. The Gesture Shot allows the user to take the perfect selfie using a simple hand gesture that can be tracked from as far as 1.5 meters away.

The Gesture View allows for a simple hand gesture to check the previous shot taken. The Glance View displays updates like time, recent messages or missed calls by swiping the screen downward. Glance View works even though the display is off.

Fast charge is another feature boasted by LG Flex 2. This is the "only curved mobile battery in the world to be charged up to 50 percent in under 40 minutes," according to 9to5Google.

LG announced during CES that the new device is "faster and more effective." It also has a self-healing back.

LG then announced an international rollout of the LG Flex 2 after its launch in South Korea later this month. U.S. carriers Sprint and AT&T already announced that the LG G Flex 2 will be released during the first quarter of the year. However, they have not disclosed any details about the pricing yet.

But it seems that the European market has already revealed the price tag. A pre-order option for the LG G Flex 2 is now up on Amazon Germany. The new LG smartphone is priced at €599, or about $700. This is less than the expected $999 price tag. The Amazon offer does not come with a contract.

Other users doubt that this is not the real price since the smartphone is packed with powerful tools. A GSM Arena reader commented: "I think there's a mistake somewhere. It can't be priced so low being the first s810 phone with lots of Innovation im inside [sic]."

So far, other tech websites like Android Authority are supporting the Amazon.de advertisement to be true.

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