Updated 05:10 PM EST, Sun, Jan 24, 2021

Anderson Silva Next Fight: The Spider Says Jon Jones Taught Him A Lot During Sparring Session

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Before moving to face Nick Diaz this January, Anderson Silva shared some important learning he got from fellow MMA star Jon Jones when they fought inside the ring for the first time at the UFC's headquarters in Las Vegas for a sparring session.

In a press conference this month, The Spider remembered how he fought with Jones in a very rare occasion and what he learned from his fighting style.

"I have a good relationship with him, we're friends for a long time, since he started his career, but we never had the chance to train together before. We were both in Las Vegas and it happened," he was quoted as saying by MMA Fighting.

Silva also said that what they did was only a "normal training."

"It was a tough training for both of us. We learned a lot. He taught me a few things I didn't know, I gave him a few tips. I like him a lot, and it was cool," he added.

Surely, the two fighter exchanged fighting techniques as both will be facing two different opponents come next year. Jones will go against Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 while Silva is set to face Diaz at UFC 183 scheduled on Jan. 31.

Bleacher Report said the training session between the two fighters "really paid off" and fans are hoping that the things they learned from each other will reflect on their respective fights.

Many people have dreamed to see Silva and Jones go head to head inside the Octagon but many have already closed their doors to this possibility.

MMA Mania said the training could be the closest thing to a "super fight" between the two. Both have dismissed rumors about a possible match, saying that they both respect each other as fighters.

Silva has been widely known as one of the greatest pound-for-pound MMA fighter until his leg break injury last year. Many people thought it was the end of his career but months after the incident, he came out strong and ready to fight again.

Jones, on the other hand, is also a world-renowned fighter with only five victories away from Silva's records. Silva told MMA Fighting that he believes Jones could be the best American UFC fighter one day.

"He has his history, he's building (his career). He's young and has everything to become the biggest name of the sport in his country," Silva added.

Many sports analysts express their excitement on how the two fighters's respective fights will turn out. They are anticipating an integration of styles to be adopted by two of the biggest names in the UFC.

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