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'Castle' Season 6 Episode 10 Spoilers: Meet Beckett and Castle's New Baby

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Last week’s episode of ABC’s hit series “Castle” left fans reeling, but fortunately, they’ll have a chance to catch their breath this week.

After several gruesome deaths and the realization that Kelly has been working with the 3XK all along, it will be nice to watch a more relaxing episode to calm the nerves. It will include scenes of Castle and Beckett in their home, going about their marital duties, although a wedding episode has yet to be confirmed. The episode synopsis is as follows.

“A bleeding man stumbles into a church, but just before dying, he hands a mysterious bundle to the priest. When the bundle turns out to be a smiling baby boy, Castle and Beckett find themselves accidental nannies to the newborn. But when they determine the baby and the victim were not related, they discover that finding his rightful parents may be just as hard as solving the murder.”

In the episode trailer, you can catch a first glimpse of Castle and Beckett taking care of the baby, which proves troublesome to say the least. In the video, the couple tries to get the baby to stop crying. First, Castle tries to verbally ask the infant to stop crying, which doesn’t work too well. Beckett then gives him a pilates ball to bounce on, which works splendidly, until, of course, he throws up on Castle and makes apparent that he needs a new diaper.

The episode, titled “The Good, the Bad & the Baby,” is “an interesting, fun episode in that we find a victim at the crime scene and when he was killed he had a baby with him and we’re trying to figure out whose baby it is,” creator Andrew Marlowe.

“There’s some fun to be had in the episode because it’s Castle and Beckett looking after the baby so it’s Castle and Beckett playing house. We get to see each of their different points of view on what parenthood would mean to them,” he said.

“Castle” airs Monday nights on ABC.

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