Updated 11:56 PM EDT, Sun, May 31, 2020

Prince William's Reaction to LeBron James Touching Kate Middleton is Definitely Royal!

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Prince William simply looked away as Cleveand Cavaliers star LeBron James wrapped his arms around the royalty's wife, Kate Middleton, during a photo opportunity after the Cavs' game versus the Brooklyn Nets on Monday at the Barclays Center.

Obviously, James' gesture to the royal wife was not acceptable to royal etiquette as the New York Daily News said that when meeting members of the royal family, they should not be kissed nor touched.

This was the exact opposite of what James did as he wrapped his long arms around Middleton while wearing his sweat-soaked Cavaliers shirt after the game. It can be observed in the photos that Middleton felt a bit awkward with the gesture.

"The Duchess of Cambridge was very graceful and smiled, even though the look on her face when LeBron James placed his arm around her shoulder speaks volumes about her discomfort of being placed in that situation," New York Etiquette School of Manhattan director Dianne Marsch told the New York Daily News.

She also noted that Prince William only tried to look down at the jersey but his actions showed how he wanted to deal with the incident in a different way noting that "he even looked away at one point."

The awkward scene was broken with James' effort to ask the Prince of his shoe size, to which William replied, "Half the size of yours."

On his Instagram account, James also recognized the very awkward moment saying that he will forever remember it.

"This very moment will be forever remembered and put up in my house. It's all good and all smiles on this side," the caption to a photo with him and the royal couple read.

USA Today attributed James' gesture to his elated mood as the Cavs beat the Nets on Monday's game with a 110-88 score.

In an earlier interview with ESPN, James said that he feels honored to meet Prince William and Kate whom he said he only read from books.

"Well I've had people from all across the board as far as stature, but the President of the United States, that was pretty huge. To have those two, to say they were traveling here and one of the things that they wanted to do was see me play, it's a pretty big deal in my household," he added.

Aside from the meetup with James, New York Daily News said that the royal couple also chatted with New York music royalty couple Jay Z and Beyonce who personally introduced themselves to the British couple.

"The foursome shook hands and chatted for about three minutes before the game resumed," the New York Daily News report added.

It seemed from all these experiences that Prince William and Kate both had a memorable stay in the United States with some unexpected twists and turns in their itinerary.

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