Updated 04:09 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Google Glass 2 Release Date, Specs & Features: No Eyepiece in Next Version, Patent Reveals

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The next version of Google Glass may be everything futuristic, according to a recently-published patent cited by TechnoBuffalo (click to see image). The outlet reported that the revamped Google Glass could make an appearance next year -- sporting a sleeker appearance that's sure enough to turn everybody's heads.

SlashGear described the figure in the patent as having a shorter main body compared to the current Google Glass. It also featured a longer screen and a more modular finish, readily-observable as all components seemed contained in the main body. The outlet also took note of the design's forward-facing camera.

But perhaps the most interesting feature of the concept is the obvious disappearance of its eyepiece -- which basically meant zero weight for the user's nasal bridge. Android Community said that this allows Glass to fit with other headgears such as caps, helmets and other eyewears.

Currently, the wearable's name has been speculated to brand itself as "Google Glass 2." Digital Trends mentioned that the patent arrived following earlier whispers that claimed Intel as Google's potential collaborator.

The Motley Fool wrote that current rumors predicted Intel to provide an X86-based or an ARM-based processor. The outlet is convinced that Google Glass gets packed by the former, citing the following reasons:

1. Since Google is assumed to be making an upgrade from its first Glass, the company would need a faster processor. The first version was powered by Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 which had two ARM Cortex A9 CPU cores. The source believed that Intel had no intention to build chips based on newer cores at present.

2. Intel may opt to use its own Silvermont processor core, claimed to be more efficient than the ones found in OMAP 4430.

3. An Intel X86-based Google Glass would provide opportunities for developer collaboration in terms of application variety.

TechnoBuffalo noted that the recent patent was filed earlier in January. The source claimed that the current file isn't the first surfacing patent for the highly-anticipated wearable. This explains that Google might be testing the waters with different concepts -- but all seem to prove the company's undeniable vision for the device.

However, Android Community took note of the not-so-welcoming approach of some to Google Glass. According to the outlet, some backers and developers discontinued supporting the product, while some theaters banned viewers from wearing one. Digital Trends also cited related allegations, noting that prospect buyers were turned off with privacy concerns.

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