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Kobe Shoes Release Dates 2014: Kobe 9 Elite 'Sequoia' For Sale Nov. 26 - Price, Photos & Where to Buy

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The new "Sequioia" colorway of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, said to be inspired by "colors found on game table", is set to hit the stores on Wednesday.

Nike said on its website that the new shoe release will be available for $225 at its website and other Nike retail outlets.

The shoe, according to its brand maker, has a "virtually seamless, formfitting Flyknit constructed upper" which makes the kicks a comfortable one to wear. It is designed with rough green and sequoia colors which resembles those found on a game table. Nike added that its midsole designs complement the silver design on the shoes' Swoosh mark.

Sneaker News, in a similar report, said that the shoe design takes inspiration from the player where its name has been derived. Bryant is continuously striving to make a lot of points and trying to win games for the Los Angeles Lakers.

"The shoes military-inspired theme ties in nicely to the manner in which Kobe is approaching each game this season as if it's a war," Sneaker News noted.

Lakers' gameplan for Kobe

Since Bryant has been throwing in a lot of effort for the team, an ESPN report said that coach Byron Scott wanted to let him rest during practice days to preserve his energy.

The coach said that their star player only did some shooting during pracice last Monday and is expected to do the same in his upcoming practices. This is also a way for him to rest his leg which has reportedly been feeling a bit heavy in his previous games and has affected his shooting.

With their loss against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday, Bryant said that he tried his best but just fell short in terms of performance.

"You try to kind of work your way through it a little bit, but everything's short. It's just one of those 36-year-old [hiccups]," he told ESPN.

According to Scott, the player was also upset on Sunday when they lost to the Denver Nuggets where he only made 4-of-14 from the field but the coach said that getting tired in the games is expected from Bryant especially that he missed most of the previous season because of a knee fracture.

"I said, that's expected when you haven't played that long, you miss that length of time, being a year off, and then you come back basically with a bang because that adrenaline is flowing," Scott added.

But the LA Lakers coach said that they can solve this fatigue issue with rest and relaxation. "We've just got to rejuvenate and get back there. He will. I think that this week at home, getting a couple days off here and there will definitely help him."

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