Updated 08:04 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

WWE Planning Sting vs Triple H Fight at WrestleMania 31 [Rumors]

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Rumors are surfacing that Sting and Triple H will be going against each other at WrestleMania 31 as talks of letting Sting face The Undertaker are still ongoing.

Wresting Inc. mentioned in a report that there is still no official word if the fight will really happen, but it noted that the possibility is big since Sting may not just appear in one match at the WWE.

A similar Sports World News report discussed that Sting appeared in the ring during the final moments of the Survivor match between Team Cena and Team Authority while Triple H was giving Dolph Ziggler a beating.

It added that Triple H had placed Seth Rollins on top of Ziggler in a pinning position when Sting appeared. The two fighters "stared each other down" then Triple H continued beating Ziggler before Sting took control of the fight.

Hollywood Life said that audience was really eager for that "intervention" from Sting and to fight it out with The Game.

Sports World News said that Sting knocked out The Game to seal victory for Team Cena and ousting Triple H and Stephanie MacMahon from the WWE.

Because of this rivalry, WhatCulture said that the fight between the two will really happen and would mean retirement for The Undertaker who will not be slated to fight Sting anymore.

"If he was fit to wrestle at WrestleMania, then Sting Vs Undertaker is what WWE would be building towards. It looks like time and chronic pain have defeated WWE's legendary Deadman," WhatCulture said.

The WWE could not risk letting Sting fight with a "physically declined" The Undertaker, WhatCulture added, while a fight against Triple H, on the other hand, will make Sting look "magnificent." The former is reportedly fit and healthy with a great experience in wrestling to give Sting a great fight.

Inquisitr predicted that the fight between Sting and Triple H will be "interesting" because the latter is still considered "one of the safest to work with" inside the ring.

"He is The Game and considered 'the measuring stick' for all Superstars. That said, there is really no one else on the roster potentially past Bray Wyatt that would be able to give us a great match with Sting that we truly want to see," Inquisitr added.

With the brewing rivalry and competition between the two fighters, fans should expect a loaded fight between the two maybe next year. It has also started an exciting war that could start changing the platform of the WWE starting with the people controlling it.

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