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Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players List: LeBron James No Longer King

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If you think the good numbers or a ferocious image on court translates to deeper pockets, you are wrong —because in a recent listing of the highest-paid NBA players, LeBron James, the King, is not even good enough to make the First 5.

If you're asking why, here's the list, compiled by Business Insider per Sportrac's data on base salaries:

[1] Kobe Bryant

With $23.5 million, the shooting guard of the Los Angeles Lakers is No. 1 on the list for the 2014-15 season. That is one thing he can still rest on even if he does not produce for the team he chose to stay with.

[2] Amare Stoudemire

The power forward is second, as he enjoys $23.4 million with the New York Knicks. With $162.1 million in career earnings, he is ninth among active players.

[3] Joe Johnson

With a year left in his six-year contract worth $123.7 million, the Brooklyn Nets shooting guard is high up on this list.

[4] Carmelo Anthony

As he trains for the triangle offense under New York Knicks president Phil Jackson, the small forward will be earning $22.5 million this season in a five-year contract.

[5] Dwight Howard

A $21.4-million salary for 2014-15 greets the Houston Rockets center but the Business Insider thinks he can beef that up if he decides to opt out soon and become a free agent.

[6] Chris Bosh; LeBron James

Tied at $20.6 million are the former Miami Heat teammates. Bosh, who stayed as team center even with strong interest from the Houston Rockets, has that salary on a five-year contract, while James has it through a two-year contract.

According to the Business Insider, both have almost the same amount in career earnings, James leading only by 5 million bucks. On the Forbes list of the highest paid athletes, which also accounts for endorsement earnings, James is No. 3 — while Bryant is fifth. 

[8] Chris Paul

Point guard Paul is due $20.1 million with the Los Angeles Clippers, under a five-year contract. That contract ensures him free agency when he's already 32, Business Insider noted.

[9] Deron Williams

The point guard for the Nets is in a five-year contract with the nets worth $98.8 million. This year he ranks at 9th with $19.8 million.

[10] Rudy Gay

The Sacramento Kings small forward will earn $19.3 million. The 28-year-old was set to end his contract in the next season but, ESPN reported, he inked a three-year extension worth $40 million.

Sports Illustrated came up with a different list, factoring in the deductions such as varying state income taxes and union dues. Here is their ranking, rounded off to the nearest hundred-thousand:

[1] Johnson, $12.5 million

[2] Howard, $12.4 million

[3] Stoudemire, $12.1 million

[4] Bryant, $12.4 million

[5] Bosh, $11.9 million

[6] Anthony, $11.6 million

[7] James, $11.3 million

[8] Kevin Durant, $10.7 million

[9] Derrick Rose, $10.6 million

[10] Paul, $10.3 million

Saying the list is not perfect, the report noted that it can at least be a "general assessment" of the things that go around after the contract has been signed.

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