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'GTA 5' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: PS4 DualShock Tricks, Unlockable Cars & Vehicles Prices Revealed

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"Grand Theft Auto V" arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 18. According to Gamespot, publisher Rockstar Games has confirmed that both versions will be hosting new and upgraded features, running at 1080p and 30fps. Visual interest is at the core of Los Santos -- but users can actually expect more than just improved graphics and first-person mode.

PlayStation EU Blog wrote that a tap or swipe in DualShock 4's touch-pad allows seamless switching between camera perspectives, radio stations and weapons.

Gamespot specifically noted that swiping the controller's touch pad up-or-down changes weapons; moving left-or-right changes radio stations. 

The controller's speaker will also gives players eavesdropping access to police radio conversations. Phone calls from characters Michael, Franklin, Trevor and others may also be received through the channel.

In addition, Dualshock 4's light bar changes depending on the character played. An alerting red-blue light shows up when the player becomes the LSPD's target ("Wanted" status, so to speak).

Meanwhile, International Business Times cited a recent video from YouTube user DomisLive, showcasing new and exclusive unlockable cars.

1. First on the Muscle car class is the BurgerShot Stallion -- "GTA IV" players would recognize this one; but this time, it has been revamped, sporting a classier look that's both vintage and pop-art looking.

2. The Imponte Duke O' Death also makes a comeback, looking more lethal than ever. If its name and carbon black exterior aren't enough to be feared, its armor can probably make you think twice.

3. The Vapid Pisswasser Dominator and Bravado Redwood Gauntlet follow. DomisLive tells that the latter is one of his favorites.

4. The classic stallion convertible also makes an appearance, flaunting its broad front hood. Last on the Muscle car selection is the red, armor-less Dukes which appears to be just as classic.

5. Sports cars included in the video are the Go Go Monkey Blista, Blista compact and Bravado Sprunk Buffalo.

Se7enSins user Dr G revealed screenshots of "GTA V" car prices in an earlier forum thread. For a quick reference, we have listed some of the vehicles and their corresponding prices below. Click this to see more.

1. Rhino Tank - $1,500,000

2. Kraken - $1,325,000

3. Liberator - $742,014

4. Dodo - $500,000

5. Marshall - $500,000

6. Khamelion - $100,000

7. Hotknife - $90,000

8. Stallion - $71,000

9. Dukes - $62,000

10. Blista - $42,000

11. Carbon RS - $40,000

"Grand Theft Auto V" is now available to preload on the PS4 and Xbox One. However, Push Square noted that some users (via Neogaf) have experienced problems with the early download in the form of error codes.

The PC will be getting its version of the game in Jan. 2015.

Preorder the game for PS4 here.

Watch DomisLive's gameplay video below.

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