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iOS 9 Release Date & Concept: 5 Rumors & Features We Want on Next Apple OS

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Released a few months ago, the iOS 8 and its bug-fixing updates power the Apple devices we have today. While it hasn't been around for so long, anything new will always be exciting to talk about. Hence, we've listed five good things to see on the "iOS 9."

Why the sudden fuss? Everybody's aware that Apple continuously releases iOS updates to address problems encountered by its users. Though Steve Jobs himself admitted long ago that the company isn't perfect, every numerical leap from the current iOS may have lead to something better -- if not perfect.

But first, it's imperative to know when the iOS 9 is coming out. TechRadar cited the last versions of iOS to arrive in previous Septembers, which makes the iOS 9 a possible realization by Sept. 2015. That is, if Apple follows the trail.

iMore wrote that it could launch in the next Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at Moscone Center, San Francisco, on or around June 8, 2015.


According to Macworld, the iOS 9 could be available in the following devices: iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and fifth-generation iPod Touch. Of course, nobody can really tell, but this list can grow specially when Apple unveils another device or two.

Feature 1: Home Screen Widgets

Apple has built a reputation of interface cleanliness, but TechRadar thinks some convenient, compact information glances right at the Home screen would be helpful. The outlet mentioned that such feature would be ideal, granting users the power to customize their Home pages as desired.

Feature 2: Screens for Multi-Tasking

Such feature would be more useful for iPad users, according to PC Advisor. But iPhone users need not frown; apps running simultaneously in different screens could be a good thing, eradicating the limitation of opening just one app every single time.

Feature 3: Allow Jailbreaking Once and for All

The Cupertino giant always prevented jailbreaking, as noted by ios9guide.com. The outlet compared Google's version of the term -- rooting, that is -- and said that the company doesn't find any problem with users doing such to their devices. Apple, suggestively, may consider following the track. Who wouldn't want more freedom, anyway?

Feature 4: Siri, Revamped

Macworld mentioned that Siri doesn't work when there's no internet connection, suggesting making Siri more locally available. On the other hand, PC Advisor compared Siri to Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana, citing the latter as capable of doing more things -- including singing.

Feature 5: TextEdit & Preview

TechRadar recalled these Mac applications to be iOS 8-included rumors, but apparently, they haven't arrived yet. Speculations at the time said the apps would allow users to view files stored in iCloud, without any manipulation. Still, they could be useful for quick reading and the like. Who knows, the iOS 9 might finally bring them!

What do you want to see in the so-called "iOS 9?" Let us know through your comments below!

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