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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date, Specs & Price: 4K Super Amoled Display & Iris Scanner Packed in New Smartphone?

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Samsung's Galaxy S5 might be a distant memory for those eyeing the Korean tech giant's next flagship smartphone. Expectedly following the release of the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy S6 is now stirring rumors about its improved features and specs.

but Samsung is reportedly going down. According to the Business Insider the company could be facing its biggest financial drop in history -- as much as 60% decline in profit. Investors had been alerted. How the multinational corporation will rise from its current situation is something only consumers can apparently dictate.

Could Galaxy S6 be the answer?

It has not been confirmed, but speculations about the S6 are getting stronger, now that rival Apple has made a plethora of news just before 2014 ends. With the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and Retina Display iMac, can Samsung actually keep up?

First, it must be noted that one of Galaxy S6's rumored specs include a 5.3-inch, 4K (2160x3840 pixels) Super AMOLED display. NDTV compared such speculation with that of predecessor S5, which packed a 1080x1920 pixel, full-HD resolution in a 5.1-inch screen.

Now that could be a major upgrade, considering Samsung's established taste in large display panels.

All of Samsung previous S-line smartphones sported a plastic exterior. Such casing made the devices appear cheap when compared to the iPhones' metallic furnish. Thanks to the birth of metal in Alpha and Note 4, hope is there for the S6.

Another alleged spec of the S6 is a so-called Iris Scanner, also known as "Eye Scanner." According to Technoratan, this feature is a form of biometric technology that provides enhanced security and log-in convenience. Specifically, it works by allowing users to make contact with their smartphones virtually by eyes -- locking and unlocking a home screen is possible just by looking at it.

Additionally, the Iris Scanner can allegedly function as an alternative to passwords. If this is indeed true, users can obviously save more time logging in as necessary.

Tech Times noted that the other rumored specs of the S6 include Snapdragon 810 chip processor, 4 GB of RAM, 20 MP rear-facing camera, UV sensor, heart rate monitor and Android 5.0 Lollipop support. We have also previously reported the alleged inclusion of an upgraded battery and fingerprint sensor.

The Galaxy S6 may be slated for release on March 2, 2015, at the Mobile World Congress, Expert Reviews predicted. The outlet speculated the handset's price to come at £549 ($885).

At present, Samsung has not made any official statement about the S6.

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