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'Sunset Overdrive' Release Date, Gameplay & Price: PC Ad of Xbox One Game 'A Mistake', Says Microsoft

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Insomniac Games' "Sunset Overdrive" is not coming to PC -- a previous ad stating otherwise was a mistake already admitted by Microsoft.

Fans might have been at the edge of their seats when a promotional graphic announced that "Sunset Overdrive" is coming not just for the Xbox One, but the PC too. Neogaf user, Lucifon, took notice, "So I'm sat on a local newspaper website when I get a full screen ad for 'Sunset Overdrive.' I was about to hit close when I noticed the ad said exclusively on 'Xbox One & PC.'"

Lucifon questioned, "Did someone at MS screw up? Surely these ads are pre-approved."

Fellow users flocked on the thread and expressed enthusiasm over the game.

A user wrote, "That's cool if true. I'd buy it on PC."

"White PC bundle and I'm in there. But seriously doesn't seem likely or at least not yet?" another commented.

Certainly, Microsoft made a mistake. Mike Ybarra from the Xbox Platform and Windows Gaming Development Team apologized in a tweet, "On the Sunset Xbox/PC ad: Not true, this was a simple mistake and the team is aware/addressing. Sorry for any confusion!"

Those who have tracked the game's release would have known in an instant that the ad was erratic. Back in September, Insomniac Games' marketing lead, James Stevenson, said via GameSpot, "Right now there's no plans for a PC version of the game. We're just working hard to finish up [the Xbox One version]."

Whether or not the game launches for PC is unclear. Stevenson went on, "We're going to support it post-launch and then we'll see what happens in the future. But there's no plans. We aren't planning a PC version or anything like that."

IncGamers noted that it is possible for "Sunset Overdrive" to arrive on PC. The outlet cited then-Xbox One-exclusive games such as "Dead Rising 3" and "Ryse: Son of Rome," which have moved from the said console to desktop.

"Sunset Overdrive" claims to be an open world with no rules -- enemies can be destroyed in a variety of lethal ways. Unconventional weaponry is the game's pride, including dynamite, fireworks, harpoons and acid. The game can host up to 8 players, providing a cooperative multi-player experience.

Set for release on Oct. 29, "Sunset Overdrive" is now available to preorder at the Xbox Store and Microsoft Store for $59.99. The game can also be bought from GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. Xbox announced that the game will be playable at 12:01 a.m. EDT after release.

Ready to play? Watch the official trailer of "Sunset Overdrive" below.

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