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Rihanna, Chris Brown Back Together? Singer Wears Breezy's Underwear [Rumors]

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An ex-couple wearing what appears to be the same underwear is easy to interpret -- some things may not be over yet.

On Oct. 17, Barbadian songstress Rihanna stepped out of Da Silvano restaurant in a usual, fashionable celebrity get-up. But what took paparazzis aback is the striking detail of her undergarment, which seemed to be the exact same thing worn by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

MediaTakeOut snapped the controversial undergarment. It is a men's underwear, which could mean a lot of things: RiRi and Breezy had been hooking up once more; she may have innocently borrowed it from him; she kept it as a memory and hasn't really moved on; she bought one for herself; it is an entirely different garment only looking partially similar; or any other possible reason.

Keep guessing, because nothing's been confirmed.

Yet speculation won't deny the first possibility -- Rihanna and Chris might be hooking up the second time around. After all, Breezy has revealed via Hollywood Life that they are "hanging out."

In his interview with Kevin Frazier at Entertainment Tonight, the "X" singer claimed, "We're friends... Nothing too serious... We're not trying to start a life together right now, we're just having fun."

That's it -- they're having "fun." How the word meant to Breezy and how extensive it was is something only the 25-year-old RnB singer can elaborate.

Previously, rumors assumed that Rihanna has ditched Drake, following a series of accusations against the latter. Houston stripper Jhonni Blaze and internet model Shaye G claimed that the rapper has been "threatening" them -- and RiRi might have taken the precautionary measure before she ends up in the same situation.

On the other hand, Breezy and Karrueche Tran seemed to have their relationship going smoothly, even FaceTiming each other in the toilet. This seemingly comfortable deal between the two follows a previous speculation, hinting that they were in a quarrel.

Threading the reports at the present, Chris and Karrueche are in good romantic terms. Rihanna may simply be having fun with her ex.

These rumors are heating up in the midst of RiRi's launch of her own line of fragrance for men, Rogue Man. Being her first-ever commercial fragrance, MTV reported that it was a dream come true for the pop singer.

Rihanna announced via Twitter, "They say women shouldn't make men's fragrance... I say, we make men wear fragrance!" The fragrance is now available for purchase in eBay and Amazon.

Meanwhile, Associated Press reported that Breezy "has been doing well and following his probation rules since his last hearing in August."

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