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New York Knicks 2014 Roster, Schedule & Latest News: Phil Jackson Demands Play Style Unfamiliar to Carmelo Anthony

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If you think it takes talents like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan to get a championship with the famous triangle offense, you would be wrong in the eyes of Phil Jackson.

Putting his faith on Carmelo Anthony's adaptability to the teachings of first-year coach Derek Fisher, the Knicks president is saying it's not just innate talent but also mastery, USA Today reported.

Anthony, on his 12th NBA season, will change his gameplay going into NBA 2014-2015 as he hastens his read-and-react ability and abandons his isolation game, largely responsible for his average of 25.3 points, the report said.

Although it might take years for the team to perfect the craft and win in the league, USA Today noted that he has the right attitude to pull off the new play.

First, he is willing to pass the ball, averaging 6.2 assists in 2013-2014. Second, he had said he "want[s] to embrace what Phil and Derek are doing."

"I think this new system is going to enhance my game, my teammates' game and as a whole we're going to be successful," he was quoted as saying.

Jackson agrees. "It'll give him opportunity to be a passer, a rebounder, and probably easier spots to score from than he's had before. I think. I hope that's true for a lot of the players," the Knicks president told the New York Post.

The Game Plan

The All-Star forward, with a $124-million dollar deal over five years, began looking at the system after Labor Day.

Used for almost two decades in the league, the triangle offense is a set of options players choose from based on their passes and the positioning of the defense, The Triangle Offense explained. It is essentially multiple playbooks interlaced, with routes used case-by-case and efforts heavy on three cagers.

"It's a simple offense, but it's still pretty logical and pretty practical in many ways," Jackson said, per USA Today.

Jackson is the only coach to use it with much success, even though the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers have borrowed principles from it. This prompted the belief that it takes the likes of Bryant and Jordan, whom Jackson won with in the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, to take off with the strategy.

While the Bleacher Report does not subscribe to the general belief, it says Jackson, a 13-time NBA champion, is missing another superstar to help Anthony, even if he has traded for point guard Jose Calderon.

The New York Post said in another article that Calderon, Iman Shumpert and Samuel Dalembert are on the Knicks' First Five and Quincy Acy and Jason Smith may be power forward.

However, the Bleacher Report said the lineup would not take much load off Anthony's shoulders -- not one of the players going above a 10.2-point average. That's something to look forward to on Oct. 30, when the Knicks face the Bulls.

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