Updated 12:23 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Ray Rice Reinstated? NFL Star Could Return This Season

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NFL running back Ray Rice could be back playing for the league soon as a report indicated that he has a strong case to have his suspension dropped.

A CBS Sports report explained that Rice's reinstatement could be done in the coming weeks. as it noted legal experts saying that the player has an "exceedingly strong case" in his appeal against his suspension from the league.

Rice was recently removed from the Baltimore Ravens and received an indefinite suspension from the NFL when a video of him punching his wife Janay unconscious on an elevator floor was released by TMZ.

His lawyers, according to CBS Sports, believe that Rice only deserved a six-game suspension since it was his first offense thus contradicting the NFL's decision to suspend him indefinitely.

A similar report on The Wrap said that Rice also appealed on his case, saying that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "had no basis to extend his suspension from two games to an indefinite ban. Rice furthered that he did not lie to the commissioner about the violent incident with his wife inside the casino elevator.

The investigation on his suspension is currently being handled by FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The Wrap added that if Rice becomes reinstated by middle of next month, he will then be facing a penalty of 10-11 games and can probably play during the week 12 of the NFL season.

With his expected return, CBS Sports noted that this will still not guarantee that a team will sign him in especially with the issues surrounding him, "But there is every expectation his playing status will be resolved during the NFL investigation."

SB Nation, on the other hand, said that signing Rice will be "an uphill battle" for the teams since there is always a possibility that his identity and behavior will backlash on his future team. It will be up to him to prove that he is still worth the money and time of an NFL team.

According to a Sports Illustrated article, Rice may go with the Indianapolis Colts which is currently being coached byr former Ravens assistant Chuck Pagano or with the New England Patriots who is led by Bill Belichick, a close friend of Rice's college coach Greg Schiano.

Perhaps most of the teams still interested in getting Rice expect him to dedicate himself to his game and try to prove that he can change his attitude and show that the incident will shape him to become a better person. Until then, Rice is expected to be under the close watch not only of the league but of the people rallying behind women's rights.

The decision on his suspension is yet to be known but the public is hoping that all angles in the story will be considered to give Rice the punishment he truly deserved.

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