Updated 04:55 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

'Breaking Bad' Toys with Meth & Blue Crystals Slammed; Bryan Cranston 'Mad'?

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"Breaking Bad" have gained worldwide popularity and success during its run, but its action figures didn't bode well with one Florida mother.

According to a report from CNN, Susan Schrivjer of Fort Myers started a petition to remove the "Breaking Bad" action figures worth $17.99 each from Toys R Us.

The action figures, produced by Mezco Toyz, feature the lead characters of the hit TV show, protagonist Chemistry-teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White and his assistant, Jesse Pinkman. The Walter White doll is carrying a pistol, a duffel bag full of cash, and a plastic bag of blue crystals. The Jesse Pinkman action figure comes with a gas mask and a tray of blue meth.

In the woman's petition on Change.org, she argues:

"Toys R Us is well known around the world for their vast selection of toys for children of all ages. However their decision to sell a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children's toys is a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values."

The petition now has close to 6,000 signatures as of press time.

The store has issued a statement regarding the movement, CNN noted. "The products you reference are carried in very limited quantities and the product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up. Items from this TV series are located in the adult action figure area of our stores," Toys R Us said, as quoted by the outlet.

Schrivjer made a counteract, saying that even though the toys are intended for children ages 15 and up, it still sends a wrong message. CNN also added on their report that Schrivjer says that it's not "Breaking Bad" itself and even insisted that she was a fan of the show, saying that "it was riveting."

As what was reported on FOX 4, "It's about drugs, you're selling it in a children's toy store? Knowing those are the items one needs to make meth I just think that it's wrong," Schrivjer stated. "Kids mimic their action figures, if you will. Do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit?"

The Florida mom just wants the action figures to be moved to a more appropriate store, according to the FOX 4 report.

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White/Heisenberg on AMC's "Breaking Bad," took to Twitter to express his opinion about the matter. According to the tweet, "'Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures.' I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest."

Washington Post reports that the action figures are also being sold on various retailers, such as Kmart, Barnes and Noble, and Sears.

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