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Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014 News & Update: 4 People in Spain Hospitalized Over Disease Symptoms

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Four people are suspected of having Ebola virus disease. The individuals, reportedly exhibiting symptoms of the virus, were hospitalized in Spain, CBS News said.

The count includes an Air France traveler who's suffering from high fever and is now under observation, said the report.

The Air France flight carrying 163 people arrived from Paris, France and had to be disinfected in a remote part of the Madrid airport after landing, CBS News adds. It was suspected as a case of Ebola by health ministry officials.

"The passenger, who had traveled from Lagos, Nigeria, was taken by ambulance with a driver wearing full protective gear to Madrid's Carlos III hospital, but the rest of the passengers were allowed to leave the plane as normal," Air France said in a statement, according to a CBC report.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, however, reports that the Ebola outbreaks in the cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt at Nigeria have already been contained and there are only a few reported cases.

A report from the health agency still encourages travelers to observe and practice steps to prevent acquiring Ebola during their travels. CDC encourages practicing careful hygiene and seeking medical care as soon as possible should Ebola symptoms such as muscle pain, severe headache, vomiting, high fever, and unexplained bleeding or bruising develop.

On another case, a person who came into contact with Spanish nursing assistant Teresa Romero was also hospitalized and tested after displaying Ebola symptoms, adds the CBS News report. On another article from the news site, it was stated that the still unnamed person was reportedly having fever above 99.9 degrees F, which the Spanish authorities regard as high risk.

The nursing assistant's condition, however, is getting better since being admitted to the hospital on October 6. "Romero, 44, is in stable condition and the level of Ebola virus in her body was declining, ministry spokesman Fernando Simon said. Romero has been hospitalized for 10 days," reported CBS News.

The same article from CBS News also confirms another report of a possible Ebola case in Spain. The case is that of a missionary who's had high fever upon returning to Spain after treating Ebola patients in Liberia.

"A fourth person, a Red Cross health worker who recently worked with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, was hospitalized with a fever in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, officials said. Two roommates showing no symptoms were placed in hospital isolation as a precaution," adds CBS News.

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