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'The Flash' Movie Release Date, Cast & Rumors: Ezra Miller to Play Lead

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"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" actor Ezra Miller is the first, out LGBTQ member to become a major superhero, thanks to Warner Bros.

Based on DC Comics, the 22-year-old star leads the 2018 movie "The Flash."

The announcement was made by Warner Bros. chairman Kevin Tsujihara at Time Warner's earnings meeting on Wednesday. No other cast members were announced at this point. Screen Rant noted it is unclear if this version of "The Flash" would feature Barry Allen or Wally West.

It is somehow inevitable to associate the film with its TV equivalent. Currently, Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen for The CW's "The Flash" TV series. But it is worth mentioning that although the titles are similar, Buzzfeed wrote that the franchises exist in separate fictional settings.

Miller was mocked as a child for having speech problems, said Out. He learned to control the situation by participating in the opera. Since then, it appeared that he was actually not straight. He said, "I was trying to kiss boys in school."

When citing a best friend who turned him on, Miller revealed his transformation, "He had some macho realization that led him to believe that I was the problem. So I went from having a stutter to being a totally gay little opera singer to being, like, a really confused queer adolescent."

Miller identifies himself as "queer" and tells that he is "very much in love with no one in particular." He believes that today's culture dictates figuring out relationships and not being in a hurry to wedlock.

The 2018 release of "The Flash" joins DC Comics' expanding universe of featured superheroes.

/Film listed comic series set for the big screen: Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and David Ayer's "Suicide Squad" will both arrive in 2016. The following year will see the rise of Gal Gadot as "Wonder Woman," and "Justice League Part One" starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams.

Joining Miller in the same release year of "The Flash" is Jason Momoa as "Aquaman."

2019 will bring the sequel "Justice League Part Two," as well as "Shazam."

In 2020, Broadway actor Ray Fisher will star in "Cyborg." "Green Lantern" is also slated to release in the same year. Counting the figures, a total of 10 DC Comics films are spread to premiere over a four-year span of time.

Cinema Blend reported that Miller has impressed critics in the 2011 thriller "We Need To Talk About Kevin." Now, he has two other upcoming movies, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Aside from "The Flash," he is set to take part in Judd Apatow's "Trainwreck" and the indie film "The Stanford Prison Experiment."

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