Updated 10:57 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

Cleveland Cavaliers Roster News & Rumors: LeBron James, Kevin Love Offense is on but Where's the 'D'? Kyrie Irving Injury Update

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With two early preseason games under their belts, the Cleveland Cavaliers are coming together rather nicely. Although LeBron James hasn't been putting on lights out performances, he understands that right now it's more important for his teammates to get into the action. Dion Waiters is one such character that has been able to impress fans and critics. His frequent over-dribbling of the past few seasons has seemingly come to a halt in coach David Blatt's new motion offense.

It is always important to keep in mind that preseason is just that, preseason. While it doesn't count for anything it is a telling a sign of how team chemistry is either building or faltering. The Cavaliers look to be working together in decent unison with Love dropping 25 points on the Miami Heat with Waiters, Varejao and Thompson adding in double digits.

Kyrie Irving has stated that he expects to be back soon after suffering an ankle injury. With Irving out Waiters was able to excel seeing as how last season both players tended to over dribble, which is the surest way to slow down the team's offense.

While the offensive side of the ball seems to be meshing perfectly there are still questions as to where the defense will come from. Without a true shot blacker, the Cavalier guards will have to step their D-game up in order to compensate. Love won't be much help in the defensive department seeing as how he is far more offensively minded. James will do his best to hold down the defense, but there is only so much he can bring over from Miami.

In comparison of his former and new team, defense seems to be the one key thing that is lacking. Although the Heat always played small, which hurt in rebounding department, they were defensive minded and could shut down almost any team when they gave it their all. The defense will take time to work out, but the Cavaliers do have the opportunity to simply out shoot an opposing team.

With so many star players that need to handle the basketball it will be interesting to see how ball distribution is handled. James is one of the most unselfish basketball players in the game, but there were countless times in Miami when fans simply wished he would just hog the ball and put up huge numbers. His dominance is contagious, and when used properly it is an unstoppable force.

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