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Oklahoma City Thunder Roster 2014 to 2015, Schedule, Rumors & News: Kevin Durant Jones Fracture Surgery Unlikely

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After suffering from a Jones fracture in his right foot, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is still unsure whether he will have surgery done on his recent injury.

USA Today sources revealed that Durant is hoping to recover fast without the help of surgery. No updates on the condition of the Thunder player has been released but previous reports said that his fracture is on the fifth metatarsal, a part of the foot which has limited blood flow. An injury on this part would require surgery for fast healing.

But Thunder general manager Sam Presti said that Durant is still mulling over his options and consulting medical professionals on what he can do best with his present predicament. The team's general manager also said that the traditional treatment of Jones fracture would entail surgery requiring about six to eight weeks recovery.

An ESPN report detailed that Durant's injury, if treated without surgery, could only have a 76 percent chance of complete recovery while surgical treatment would bring 95 percent recovery.

A similar discussion on the injury provided by Hardwood Paroxysm, noted that the best option now for Durant is to undergo surgery to fix the fracture. It explained that the procedure will involve inserting a screw into the fractured bone to stabilize it.

"This will more likely lead to successful union of all types of Jones fractures compared to non-operative treatments," Hardwood Paroxysm added.

With the absence of Durant in some games due to his recovery, Sports Illustrated said that Russel Westbrook will likely serve as his replacement. Westbrook will be playing with other Thunder main men like Steven Adams, Nick Collison, Serge Ibaka, Reggie Jackson and Michael Jenkins.

This chance, according to some reports, is a great opportunity for Westbrook to prove that he is a worthy alternative for Durant though sports analysts said that the injured Thunder player would be really difficult to replace on the court as he is the reigning Most Valuable Player in the NBA and is also the leading scorer in the league.

But Presti told Washington Post that the team does not have to replace Durant -- noting that they will remain competitive even in his absence.

"I've got a lot of confidence that we're going to do that. I've got a lot of confidence in the team at-large, but also in the mentality that's been built here. And it's no mistake that it's been built here because Oklahoma is built on this type of resiliency. I think that resiliency is a team sport and that's how we operate, that's how we're going to move forward. In these cases, you can either withdraw or advance, and we're going to advance," he added.

With the team remaining hopeful of the team's positive results in the upcoming games, their performance is also expected to match their hopes especially that they are set to face the Portland Trailblazers for their first game of the season on Oct. 29.

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