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Royals vs. Orioles Game 1 - Live Streaming, Start Time & TV Info: MLB 2014 ALCS Preview

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For all the baseball fans who have been on other planets for the duration of the season, one can only imagine the look of sheer disbelief when reading the AL Championship matchup: the Kansas City Royals versus the Baltimore Orioles. Yes, we know it's hard to decide which team is the underdog in this series, but most critics are picking the Orioles as the favorites. The Royals have not made a World Series appearance since 1985, and even worse, the Orioles have not been there since 1983.

Where to Watch

The game can viewed on TBS or listened to on ESPN Radio. Subscribers to Postseason.TV can stream the game, but there is a $4.99 fee

Matchup Breakdown

Overall, the matchup of two unlikely teams is an amazing element for baseball. In a league that features dynasties and 'usual contenders' it's refreshing for fans to get a taste of fresh meat.

Both squads have made it this far by playing two very different styles of baseball. Kansas City has excelled at playing 'small ball,' a style that requires excellent pitching, defense and speed. While the Orioles have decent pitching and a killer bullpen, their offensive might is their strong suit. Adam Jones and Victor Cruz are the centerpieces of a dangerous lineup that could give any ace a run for his money.

The matchup is also intriguing from a field perspective, Kauffman Stadium in comparison to Camden Yards. Kauffman is a pitchers park while Camden features an extremely short right field fence. Cruz and Jones make frequent use of this blast off point.

There are numerous ways to win a baseball game, whether it be through blasting homeruns or methodically moving runners over with steals and sacrifices. The Royals utilize the latter method, but can it stand the counterattack of a Nelson Cruz three-run blast?

In terms of pure logistics, the 'small ball' style counts on far more variables than the 'heavy hitters' style as featured by Baltimore. Kansas City needs a steal, and then a well placed bunt, and then a gap-shot double to score runs. Baltimore needs only one pitch to make magic happen.

The series, as most do, will come down to pure pitching. In baseball, the way to beat a good offense is through pitching. There are not many sports in which one player can completely shut down an opposing team, but in baseball a pitcher has that power.

The Royals (James Shields, 14-8) vs. Orioles (Chris Tillman, 13-6) will have their first pitch in Camden Yards at 5:07 (P.T.).

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