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Xbox Games With Gold - October 2014 Lineup: Battlefield 2, Chariot, Crimson Dragon

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Xbox's Games with Gold subscription service, part of its Xbox Live Gold membership, has announced it's free game downloads for the month of October, 2014. There are three games this month in total, two for the Xbox One and one for the Xbox 360. Let take a look at them, shall we?


Chariot is a co-op platform game that has you play as the "brave princess and her suitor" as they race a funeral wagon through underground caverns in an attempt to carry their riches to the dead king's burial chamber. Looters are apparently trying to rob you along the way, so watch out. Sounds like your standard side-scrolling actioner. If you're a Gold member, why not try it? It's free.

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon is developed by Grounding / LAND HO! and published by Microsoft Studios. Players are required to control a dragon and combat "violent enemy life forms" on the Planet Draco--get it? Draco, dragon? Dragons can be taught skills and apparently level up in order to "face combat in harder missions." Are you ready? Who doesn't want to play a game about space dragons that actually lets you control said space dragons? Space. Dragons.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The award-winning Battlefield universe expands yet again in this "best in class vehicular combat" platformer. 'Bad Company 2' allows players to drive just about anywhere. Destroy buildings, play co-op missions with up to three other players, design fire points and explore sprawling level maps with "all new" vehicles, including ATVs and a helicopter. Hooah.

Xbox Gold Membership

Xbox Gold members, in addition to free game downloads like these, get access to exclusive discounts on games and content each week, some of which are up to 50-70% off. Not bad. This week they've got titles like Metal Gear Zeros, LEGO Marvel and LEGO: The Movie on sale.

Gold members also have access to what Xbox claims amounts to a faster and better online multiplayer experience, along with better match-making for co-op campaigns and the like. There's also exclusive Twitch integration features for Xbox Gold Members. Members can broadcast their own games on Twitch, as well as watch and even join in the broadcasts of other Twitch users. Recording and uploading matches and games to the cloud is also supposed to be easy for Xbox Gold members. A single membership can be accessed by every user in a single home. Gold games can also be shared with all of the users in your home.

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