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New York Knicks Season 2014-2015 News Update: Knicks Struggle with Triangle Offense, Trouble Already?

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The New York Knicks kicked off their preseason debut with an epically poor performance against the Boston Celtics. Wednesday night's 20-point loss is a clear representation that there is a great deal of work to be done in the Knicks camp. Naturally, when a team completely renovates their offensive scheme there will be some blowback, hence last night's performance.

It is nearly impossible for a team to eek out a win when they turn the ball over 28 times. Boston was able to capitalize on these errors and thus come out on top. Yes, it's the preseason and there are still three weeks left before any games actually matter, but the point is that there is work to be done, and rookie coach Derek Fisher will have to maintain team morale.

The triangle offense is something far different than the Knicks are used to. Case and point is the play of J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony, who notoriously enjoy playing isolation basketball. The new offensive scheme requires ball movement and spreading the floor. This can lead to isolation plays, which Anthony excels at, but it will take some time before the Knicks can master the offense granted from Zen master Phil Jackson.

"I thought we went out there and started thinking too much instead of just playing," said Smith. "We have to put a little more trust in our front-office people. They set this team around the type of players we are, and we have to trust our instincts a little more and just play. We all know how to get into our offense and just play the right way. It's just a matter of when we get into it if they take something away, don't get too anxious or too nervous and turn the ball over."

While it's understandable that Smith and the rest of the Knicks floundered through the new offense, his comment about "trust in our front-office people," is completely obscene. If Smith lacks any trust in Phil Jackson's 11 NBA Championship rings then there is something wrong with him. Smith went on to say that it will take a few months for the team to fully learn the triangle. Knicks fans can stay patient for just about that much time before growing restless, especially after a first round ousting in last season's playoffs.

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