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'Jurassic World' Release Date, Spoilers & Trailer: Plot Details Revealed in Footage?

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Many fans were disappointed when the rumored reboot of the "Jurassic Park" franchise did not air its anticipated first trailer during the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. But now, more details about the movie have allegedly been revealed, thanks to a rumored "Jurassic World" teaser.

According to Screenrant, the rumored trailer footage was uploaded on YouTube by a source who claims he was one of the random participants given the privilege to view the unreleased trailer.

However, the clip has been taken down due to copyright grounds by NBC/Universal. This makes everyone speculate all the more that it may have really been an authentic teaser.

Even without the actual footage trailer, JurassicWorld.org shared in bits and pieces, the details of every scene.

The source under the YouTube name of Ivan Flores made claims that after having agreed to participate in the viewing survey, he was asked to watch the footage trailer twice via a computer while wearing headphones.

Do not read on if you do not want to know these possible spoilers coming ahead.

It opens with several tourists riding a boat to Isla Nublar where an amusement park called "Jurassic World" can be found. The dinosaur-based attractions were previewed including the Gyrosphere.

Then there's also a scene of a water dinosaur eating a great white shark as viewing guests of the park wonder in amazement. The excitement builds up when the anticipated new dinosaur in the reboot turns out to have gotten loose which created an immediate chaos among the visitors.

The source added that the footage trailer ends with a scene showing a dinosaur handler, played by Chris Pratt, training the Velociraptors to help him track the dinosaur which escaped.

No matter how legit things may sound with this rumored new "Jurassic World" trailer, the resource person of such information reiterated that they are still trying to dig deeper for more details. He added that the one he saw appeared more appropriate for a theatrical trailer release rather than an early quick teaser.

Cinema Blend added that the details shared are not too different from the previous descriptions about the "Jurassic World" flick. The intro part of tourists riding a boat to enter an amusement park was shown in the past when a video was leaked. A map of the park was also leaked way back in May.

"Jurassic World" is expected to be shown in theaters on June 12, 2015.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the movie below.

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