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Miami Heat 2014 Season Update & Roster News

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What's life after LeBron James like for the Heat? Well there are advantages and disadvantages. 

James being gone changes the game plan for Miami entirely. Sure, there is Erik Spoelstra on the sidelines to help make the transition a little bit easier, what with him being very effective at coaching on both sides of the ball. But the fact remains: James was the lynchpin of this team's offense. If the players that the team has signed on cannot adjust to those changes in a hurry, this is going to be a long season for the Heat.

There is reason to be optimistic, though. Dwayne Wade is making great strides in changing up his play-style to take the pressure off of his knees and increase his production on the court. The pressure is on him this season to be the franchise player for this team going forward, so all eyes will be on him at the start of the season.

Looking at another veteran of the game, Chris Bosh has not been in his best form since coming to Miami. It has little to do with his part since he has had to play second fiddle to James while he was there. Thankfully for Miami he is capable of doing so much more. His career average of 24 points and 10.8 rebounds a game is important to his success and all signs point to him being a big part of Miami's new identity.

Now for the new additions. Josh McRoberts, Shawn Williams and Danny Granger are all being looked to as the future. Wade is looking for a successor for this team and the time has come for some new blood to be infused into it.

Luol Deng especially is an important addition to this team as he makes for a trio of All Star caliber players along with Wade and Bosh. That will keep the Heat competitive most nights. Thankfully Spoelstra also ensures that their coaching will remain as sterling as ever.

All that said, it is a long shot for this team to make it all the way to the top three as it has so easily in recent years. For as hungry as they are to prove that they are more than Lebron's supporting cast, signs do not point to them getting away from this underdog banner that they are unfamiliar with. Still, expect them to make a decent go of the playoffs before being eliminated as long as Wade and Bosh are around to make it happen.

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