Updated 10:56 AM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date, Specs & Price: 20 MP Camera and 4K Display Rumored

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So, if you're not enticed by any of the current smartphones on the market and you're willing to wait a few months, the Samsung Galaxy S6 just might be worth that wait. It's rumored Samsung is already hard at work making sure that their next flagship phone will be ready to ship sometime early next year, probably in Q2, and if the latest reports are true, it will--not surprisingly--be a beast of a phone. Curious? Then read on as we breakdown the rumored specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


This month, Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 4 that will feature a qHD Super AMOLED display at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and with a pixel density of 515 ppi. If you don't know, that's a very high pixel count. So, expect Samsung to include a true 4K display in their next flagship phone. Anything else would be a disappointment, especially coming from Samsung who has a reputation for cramming more features into phones than most people think are possible, or ethical.


If there is one area besides displays that Samsung always refuses to compromise on, it's with their flagships' cameras, and rumors suggest the Galaxy S6 will be no exception to that tradition. A 20 megapixel shooter could in fact grace the rear of the Galaxy S6. If so, that would be the highest megapixel count ever for Samsung, and a bit of a milestone for mainstream smartphone cameras in general, unless you count Windows Phones as mainstream.


And rest assured, the GS6 will have one of the best mobile processors available, maybe even the Snapdragon 810; and it makes sense. A phone that shoots 4K video and has a 4K display is going to need a lot of power to make everything work smoothly. If Samsung is going to keep pace with Apple in the mobile arms race between the two (an arms race they are losing, by the way), they will need the hightest-end specs possible if they are to have a chance. Android phones specs are what matter for a lot of the people that buy them, and Samsung understands that.

Well that's it. Do you think the Galaxy S6 is worth waiting for, or will you be buying a smartphone now? Let us know.

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