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'Batman: Arkham Knight' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Game is the 'Best Batman Simulator Yet'

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"Batman: Arkham Knight," aimed by developer Rocksteady Studios to be the "ultimate Batman simulator" comes out on June 2, 2015. The game will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

IGN reported that Rocksteady's marketing manager Guy Perkins, has high expectations for the game. "If people walk away thinking this is the ultimate Batman simulator, then our job is complete," the outlet quoted Perkins as saying.

He added, "We gave them Gotham City, we gave them Batman at the height of his powers, and we gave them the Batmobile. I think those three elements come together to make a great game. If people go away feeling like it was awesome, we've done a good job."

Joker's death at the end of "Arkham City" was a big turning point for the next installment--it would be easy to assume that everything falls into peace and order. But Perkins says prospective gamers should be prepared for a twist in the upcoming franchise.

"He's [Joker] not there to disrupt the things they're doing, so you have to imagine a world where he's not there and not causing that chaos," said Perkins. He added that Joker's leaving was indeed a challenge, but rooms for villains will always be available.

One such villain returning in the picture is Scarecrow.

"We left Scarecrow out of Arkham City for a reason so he's back in as the big bad and it's great for us to bring him back," Perkins revealed. Bringing his character back was "really cool" for the developers. He was referred to be Batman's mirror--with both utilizing fear as a weapon of choice.

Therefore, "Arkham Knight" will be the first game where the battle is not between Batman and Joker. Game Rant also reported that the Batmobile, which appeared in the previous games but never playable, is a key layer in the "Be the Batman" experience.

According to GameSpot, "Arkham Knight" will be Rocksteady's third game in the Batman line. It follows the original "Batman: Arkham Asylum" from 2009 and the "Batman: Arkham City" in 2011. The recent 2013 game "Batman: Arkham Origins" was created by Warner Bros. Montreal.

Preordering the game now gives customers a playable Harley Quinn add-on. Gamers will be able to get their hands on Harley's unique weapons, gadgets and abilities. Four exclusive challenge maps will also come with the add-on.

The game retails on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Steam, Target, Walmart and Newegg.

Watch the official trailer of "Batman: Arkham Knight" below.

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