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NBA Uniforms 2014-2015: Sleeved Jerseys, Chinese Unis and More; Find Out What Your Favorite Team Will Wear This Season

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Are the players battle-ready? In the NBA, you can't answer that without making sure they've got the proper gear--and by that we mean jerseys.

One by one, the teams are unveiling their uniforms, and we're seeing Chinese unis and other sleeved jerseys in the mix.

Let's take a look:

New Orleans Pelicans

Earlier, ESPN reported that the New Orleans Pelicans unveiled a red uni that addresses the franchise's problems with its inaugural home and road uniforms--including not mentioning the new franchise name.

"The Pelicans' new red uniforms capture the culture and character of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region as, similar to the team's current jerseys, the word mark is inspired by French Quarter street signs," the press release said.

The players will wear the new unis on opening night, scheduled on Oct. 28, and on games during the season.

Atlanta Hawks

The same day, the Atlanta Hawks in effect revealed a new uniform, when forward Al Horford tweeted an image taken at a photo shoot.

According to the report, the image would suggest that the chest insignia will now be Atlanta, instead of Hawks. The old "Pac-Man" logo also finds a revival on the shorts. 

ESPN also reported the launch of the Dallas Mavericks' crowd-sourced uniform, but fans will have to wait until 2015-2016 before the players will don it.

Houston Rockets

Basing on a Clutch Fans tweet, the Bleacher Report said that the Houston Rockets gave the Noche Latina uniform a Chinese twist with their new jersey.

According to Clutch Fans, the team will don the sleeved uniforms for some games in the 2014-2015 season, in celebration of the Lunar New Year--the influence is obvious in the four Mandarin characters printed on the chest. 

The team will wear the new jersey for three games starting Feb. 21, it said, explaining that two new uniforms will be unveiled in the next season and another one in 2016-2017.

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic also unveiled its own sleeved jersey, Sports Illustrated said, although it noted that the new "Pride" jersey for 12 home games of 2014-2015 seems like an unimpressive tribute to Derek Jeter. Look at it here.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors' slate-colored alternate uniform also gained media attention, with Sportsgrid saying slate is a never-before-used color in the NBA.

"Slate represents not only the technology and innovation synonymous with the Bay Area, but also the body armor for the team on the court," NBA.com said. The team will debut the uniform on Nov. 15, and will use it on Saturday games throughout 2014-2015, except the opening night.

The t-shirt jersey with v-neck designed by Adidas is the best take on the new jersey genus so far, Sportsgrid said, explaining that the combination of slate and the yellow trim, and the logo across the chest, look good.

Which team's uniforms are your bet? Share your thoughts below!

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