Updated 02:11 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

NBA Trade Rumors: Roy Hibbert to Cleveland Cavaliers?

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After a time of stalemate in the Roy Hibbert trade talks, the Indiana Pacers might have struck gold with a possible deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It is not a secret that the Pacers have been seeking to trade the big man this offseason but, Ink On Indy reported, there weren't fair deals on the horizon until reports surfaced online claiming that the Cavaliers are negotiating a trade, per a tweet from sports reporter, Tyler Spence.

According to the report, a trade would make sense because Cleveland may be on the lookout for a rim protector to Kevin Love, and the Pacers may also be clearing up cap space to haul in new, young players.

Citing a tweet from Ink On Indy editor, Evan Massey,  the Inquisitr said the Cavs have been making waves in trades recently, landing both Miami Heat icon LeBron James and the Minnesota Timberwolves' Love. However, all signs indicate that they might not be over with the deals yet, and that Hibbert is next in line.

Hibbert had an on-and-off performance at the playoffs, capitalized by two games without points or rebounds, the report said. He racked up a lackluster average of 9.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.2 blocks during the playoffs as Indiana went to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Sportige also noticed that Hibbert backslided from being among the best defensive centers in the NBA, declining halfway through the season together with his team. He has also been the butt of jokes as he got benched way before the fourth quarter and did not return for action again, it noted.

With such dire straits, the trade rumor about the 7-foot-2 center, due $30 million in the next two seasons, quickly gained traction.

Losing Hibbert could be a winning transaction for the Pacers, Sportige said. Lance Stephenson had already left, Paul George is still out of the lineup due to injury and Hibbert is not keeping up to his promise, it explained, commenting that the wisest option for the team may be to build anew, with fresh faces.

It's going to be a captivating tradeoff given the pieces involved, Ink On Indy said. For starters, a third team is being sought to facilitate the deal and sort out the salary-related issues, Cleveland Leader reported, citing another tweet from Massey.

Indiana might also not want a sendoff for their 27-year-old, seven-year pro after all, just because he might come alive again as one of the league's best post defenders, Ink On Indy explained. They might also like to examine the fact that the Cavs are just a good defensive player away from being a 360-degree threat.

A Factory of Sadness report said Hibbert's addition to the James, Love and Kyrie Irving squad could be a nightmare of nightmares for other teams in the NBA, that is if the money matters do not get the best of the trade and, of course, if the news is not just a rumor.

It's certainly a must-watch.

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