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OKC Roster & Trade Rumors: Is Russell Westbrook the Best Point Guard in the NBA?

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Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook is said to be the best point guard there is in the NBA and his team can never be more thankful and prouder that they continue to hone one of the most amazing talents in the league.

An article by Bleacher Report noted that Westbrook's performance last year is way above the two other players of the same position (Reggie Jackson and Derek Fisher) as he averages about 21.8 points per game with 6.9 assists and 5.7 rebounds.

He is reportedly a very dedicated player as he returned earlier to the court after undergoing a knee surgery. When he was out of the games, Jackson took his place and performed well to the best of his abilities.

Bleacher Report commended Jackson for "putting together a fantastic season" that was marked mainly by his strong running offense.

As for Fisher, he was not able to entirely make an impressive run during the last season as he did not do fairly well, so to speak.

With the coming NBA season, Westbrook has promised to return better and stronger especially after his injury. He has also reportedly declined to play for the U.S. Team in the FIBA World Cup to prepare himself well for his comeback in the NBA.

A Welcome To Loud City report discussed that Westbrook is a better point guard than Chris Paul, noting that he even won the best comeback athlete of the year award. It also made special mention that Westbrook, during the Western semi finals series last season versus the Los Angeles Clippers, was one of the greatest contributors in the team's victory. He is also considered to be a very consistent player based from his performance in the past games.

Welcome to Loud City even considered him a "unique point guard with a very high athleticism" as he can go straight to the basket and make his opponents' defense look weak.

And it seems that with his remaining three years with OKC, Westbrook will still improve greatly as a player who can really make a difference in his team's performance as a whole.

Rumors spreading about him leaving the team has been tagged by Bleacher Report as "purely speculative" as it discussed that he is still currently in the prime of his career with a team that surely showcases his balling skills.

"Why break up a good thing if you don't have to, right?" this was a question posed by Bleacher Report which makes great sense considering that Westbrook is still building up his momentum.

He sure would not want to destroy his focus and concentration with thoughts of leaving OKC and searching for different team. This, however, still remains to be proven until the start of the season but it seems like the message is clear.

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