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WWE Raw News & Results: Top 5 Highlights of Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

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It was payback time for John Cena on Monday as he beat Brock Lesnar via disqualification during the WWE Night of Champions in Nashville.

The 37-year-old Cena proved that he has not lost his winning power by beating Lesnar. The only problem is, his opponent gets to keep the WWE World Heavyweight title, Hollywood Life reported.

Last month, Lesnar totally outclassed Cena to claim the WWE championship but during their recent fight, Cena came prepared to beat Lesnar at the Bridgestone Arena. Hollywood Life said that the disqualification was called after Seth Rollins interfered during the fight but even so, Cena deserved to win that night.

The former WWE champ reportedly fought his best against a very tough opponent who also tried to show the world that he can beat Cena for the second time.

Here are a few highlights of the main event on Monday between Cena and Lesnar:

1. A report by Wrestling Inc. noted that during the start of the game, Lesnar was able to take Cena to the corner to give him a German suplex which the latter was able to take as he hanged from the ropes. When it was his chance, Cena nailed an Attitude Adjustment for one count on his opponent.

2. For his part, Lesnar also released a couple of vertical suplexes to pin Cena's shoulders. He was successful in beating Cena back down but the former champ was able to fight back.

3. The fight, according to Wrestling Inc., continued with the two WWE stars exchanging blows that eventually led to Cena ramming Lesnar into the corner.

4. According to USA Today, Cena "quickly went for the pin" after slamming Lesnar on the ground but Rollins, who won Money in the Bank, made the necessary distraction that prompted the referee to end the match because of the interference.

5. Cena went down after Rollins hit him on the head with a briefcase.

With Cena beating Lesnar but the latter being able to keep his title, Bleacher Report said that a third matchup between the two fighters should be expected.

The two fighters indeed showed the world their skills inside the ring but certainly, fans are hoping that Cena will be able to grab the belt or for Lesnar to prove, without disqualification issues, that he should keep the title.

Bleacher Report said that the result of the game was "unsatisfying," noting that a third installment will be an avenue for Cena to prove that he has really defeated Lesnar and for the latter to show that he is the better and stronger fighter.

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