Updated 01:16 AM EST, Mon, Mar 01, 2021

iPhone 6 Plus News & Availability: Where to Get an iPhone 6 Plus TODAY & When Will the Shortage End?

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As soon as Apple began taking pre-orders two weeks ago for its two new iPhones, it was immediately apparent which one people wanted more. The larger, more feature-rich iPhone 6 Plus seemed to be instantly sold out everywhere, a trend that continued once the two phones launched last week. Wait times for certain configurations of the iPhone 6 Plus have been as long as four weeks or more.

Apple also announced earlier this week that it sold 10 million iPhones since they launched on Friday Sept. 19. That's not bad for one weekend if you're Tim Cook. What about the people who can't get the iPhone 6 they want unless they wait a whole month? Until recently, if you were in that camp you were out of luck. However, it's come to light that the iPhone 6 Plus' availability status isn't as bleak as previously thought--for now.

Sprint to the Rescue?

GottaBeMobile reports that Sprint currently has way more models of the iPhone 6 Plus in stock right now than any of its competitors. The easiest one to get is apparently the 64GB model. GottaBeMobile was reportedly using the Apple stock checker site SeaTurtle.org to determine Sprints stock, so you can double check the numbers there if you want to be absolutely sure before you decide to buy, or you could call your local Sprint store.

The other carriers will have some iPhone 6 Plus models, albiet in far less frequency than Sprint. GBM reports that currently 20 Apple Stores are offering the iPhone 6 Plus with Verizon plans, versus three stores offering AT&T compatible iPhone 6 Pluses. Currently, no T-Mobile location is known to have an iPhone 6 Plus in stock.

Searching On Your Own

Using the SeaTurtle search tool (as mentioned above) is better than using Apple's search tool because it allows you to search up to 20 stores at a time. There are other third-party sites like SeaTurtle that will also perform the search for you with the same benefit of multiple stores. Most U.S. carriers (not including Sprint) are back-ordered on iPhone 6 Plus models, except for a few straggling options here and there (as mentioned in the section above). While you can submit a pre-order now to secure your device, waiting four weeks or longer for your device is just plain unacceptable. However, the popularity of the device almost guarantees potential iPhone 6 Plus buyers a shortage of phones and options, at least for the foreseeable future.

When Will Apple Have Enough iPhone 6 Units?

Based on last year's iPhone 5s shortage, it could take Apple until late November to catch up to demand for its new iPhones. And while the prospect of waiting two months for the hottest device of the year no doubt seems intolerable for most, there is a silver lining. Last year during Black Friday sales, retailers were offering the iPhone 5s (last year's hot item) with gift cards or other attractive incentives. So while it would require some patience, customers could save significantly on the iPhone 6 Plus if they can wait until the holiday shopping season kicks off in around two month's time.


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